From last year's fire to this year, the last hot search in an episode

Original title: From last year's fire to this year, the last hot search in an episode

The first day of 2020.

Xiangyu is here to say happy new year to everyone!

They all say that everything needs to be a good start, and with the freshness, the motivation is enough.

Therefore, many divine dramas have a full score at the beginning, and the more they become weaker, the more they end up going to "rotten tail".

In this situation, we have seen quite a lot.

But today's hot drama Xiangyu wants to talk about, the other way around.

It's a little bit rotten, but the more fragrant it gets, the later it gets.

边拍边播的形式,但天气过于恶劣,节目组为了保证制作质量不得不做出停播一周的决定。 Because it takes the form of shooting while broadcasting, but the weather is too bad, the program team had to make a decision to stop broadcasting for a week in order to ensure the production quality .

This suspension is equivalent to waiting from last year to this year.

—— In the days of rebroadcasting, let's talk about it first--

The Fall of Love

사랑 의 불시착

The heaviest recent Korean drama is undoubted.

Hot search on the broadcast, the male and female host kiss hot search, the characters put on the hot search, a episode comes to a hot search.

cp磕 那叫一个昏天黑地。 The little sisters cp screamed into a dark place.

The configuration behind the stage and behind the scenes makes people excited that it is not just rubbing hands, but howling.

李政孝 ,过去执导过《火星生活》、《浪漫是一册副刊》等高分韩剧。 Director Li Zhengxiao has directed high-scoring Korean dramas such as "Life on Mars" and "Romantic is a Supplement".

朴智恩 ,代表作有大名鼎鼎的《来自星星的你》和《制作人》。 The screenwriter Park Ji-eun is famous for his works "You from the Stars" and "Producers".

The male and female owners are even worse.

玄彬+孙艺珍 The entire Republic of Korea is paying close attention to their every move, Hyun Bin + Sun Yizhen .

One is the movie goddess behind the scenes, holding three behind the scenes.

Because the appearance is too fresh and pleasant, people sent the nickname "Sun Xian".

韩国四大公共财产 之一。 One is one of South Korea's four major public properties that are as famous as Kong Liu, Su Zhimin, and Jiang Dongyuan .

Acting skills and face value are on-line, always arsonist.

The pair of golden boys and girls have sparks outside the show, and they have to be sweet in the show.

试问谁能把持住不入坑? The two people on the stage and under the table are in love with each other. Who can control it?

「烂头」 了? However, I was thinking of chasing after two episodes, but before I set off, I was shocked that it was "bad" ? !!

The Internet was full of criticism, and critics of the screenwriter Park Ji-eun were no longer skilled.

The plot is ridiculous and cliché, the logic bug is constant, and the audience's IQ is completely ignored.

Where is it?

Xiangyu first come to give you a simple reasoning.

尹世理 ,和玄彬饰演的高干子弟 利正赫 谈恋爱。 This drama mainly focuses on the second generation of the chaebol, Yin Shili , played by Sun Yizhen , and a high-ranking son, Li Zhenghe , played by Hyun Bin .

The second generation of the rich and the second generation of the army seem quite right.

The problem is, however.

一个是韩国富二代,一个是朝鲜军二代。 One of them is the second generation of South Korean rich, and the other is the second generation of Korean army.

It is already difficult for the male and female protagonists across the 38th line to meet.

Sounds challenging, does it?

So the screenwriter cheated and arranged for the female lead to have an accident while flying the paraglider.

突发的龙卷风 ,吹到了朝鲜的非武装地带,遇见了驻守在那的男主。 Directly by a sudden tornado , it was blown into the demilitarized zone of North Korea, and met the male leader stationed there.

That was the first meeting.

True love comes too fast like a tornado and is totally unreasonable.

According to the traditional Korean drama routine, whether or not the male and female masters know each other, it is always right to first come to an accidental hug or fall and kiss.

as expected.

The heroine hung on a tree at least three meters high, leaped down, and fell steadily into the arms of the man with a gun.

In this animation, please match BGM "Sister Lin in the sky" ~

Don't worry for Xuan Bin, the 24K gold buckle of the male lead in Korean drama is different from our ordinary people.

When Korean personnel enter the DPRK's territory through unofficial channels, things will inevitably be troubled.

In order to avoid the pursuit of the soldiers, the heroine had no time to explain, and fled all the way.

Standing on the protagonist's aura, he broke through the minefield without saying, but fortunately, he happened to run into the male host's house.

As if Xuan Bin's positioning radar was on his head.

In short, it was so open all the way, the male and female owners loved vigorously.

So, the next question is.

How can we protect a suspicious woman from South Korea that fell from the sky?

The writer said, it's not difficult.

Just move out of the masculine identity for two laps.

朝鲜总政治局局长唯一的儿子 In the play, Hyun Bin is not the ordinary high-ranking cadre, but the only son of the director of the North Korean General Political Bureau .

How powerful is it?

配角用浮夸无比的演技,生怕观众失忆般地,一连强调三四次。 It is to enable the supporting role to use exaggerated acting skills, for fear of the audience's amnesia, it is emphasized three or four times in a row.

remember! The lifeblood of the director!

Can't touch!

This is not enough show.

传说中的729车牌号去救。 The heroine was in danger, and the heroine opened the legendary 729 license plate number to rescue.

The entire Pyongyang's green light for him is not enough to highlight the hero of the hero.

Let ’s boast another wave of group performance.

Master Wayne didn't have the battle when he drove a Batman chariot.

In short, the operation of a wave of fans is really dazzling.

,香玉的心已经凉了一半,弃剧的心蠢蠢欲动。 After two episodes , Xiangyu's heart was half cold, and the heart of abandoning the drama was about to move.

看在tvN出品 (玄彬的脸) 的份上,咬咬牙,还是决定再多刷几集观望一下 But for the sake of tvN (Hyun Bin's face) , I still gritted my teeth and decided to brush up a few more episodes.

Unexpectedly, I verified the essential attributes of humans again--

Really fragrant.

All the vomitings under my code above are word-by-word, and the setting is really so rotten and illogical.

玄彬真是太帅太苏了啊! But there is no way, Xuan Bin is so handsome and so saucy! !! !!

I can't stand it ...

(虚高了一些) Click on the Douban page of this drama, the score is as high as 8.5 (a little higher) .

The comment area is full of my "division" sisters.

While ridiculing that this is clearly the "fall of love", he also stunned the male and female master CP.

So far, there have been 6 episodes of this drama, and Xiang Yuding has finished watching it with little left.

Give everyone a relatively objective and calm suggestion.

看前3集时确实需要稍稍调低一下自己的智商。 As far as these 6 episodes are concerned, I really need to lower my IQ a little when watching the first 3 episodes.

However, the slot volume of each episode is decreasing, and after the fourth episode, it is gradually getting better.

撒糖 上。 Because with the growing maturity of the male and female masters, the focus of the plot has shifted to the best sugar spread in Korean dramas .

Set aside, sweet is over!

In fact, if you look closer, "The Fall of Love" can be said to be a complete reprint of "You From the Stars".

One is the second generation of the Korean Army and the second richest Korean, and the other is humans and aliens.

On the span of the gap, it's almost the same!

Most importantly, the male and female masters each have the shadow of Professor Qian Songyi and Professor Du.

戏精大小姐 Yin Shili is a great young lady .

I was photographed dating Ai Dou in South Korea, and my colleagues are concerned about how to crisis public relations.

给公司带货。 What she cares about is that the photo mosaic covers her latest earrings and bags, and then a hot search is not good for bringing the company's goods.

反应也是非常浮夸。 After being torn by the tornado into North Korea, when I heard that I was being investigated, the response was very exaggerated.

Worried that he would be treated as a beauty spy and tortured by the authorities.

Contrary to her.

外冷内热 ,男友力爆棚但嘴上什么都不说。 The male lead Lee Jeong-hye set the outside cold and the inside hot , and his boyfriend burst out but said nothing.

After talking about love, sometimes shy and cute, sometimes stuffy and overbearing.

Facing the heroine's demon, it is often the style of "I watch you acting quietly".

Yin Shili, who has just arrived in North Korea, is bragging:

"I do n’t know anyone in South Korea. Once they know that I am here, the military authorities of our country and the United Nations will not sit idly by!"

"If I don't get it, I will become the fuse of World War III!"

Lee Jung Hyuk faintly replied:

"Then let them know. "

Yin Shili makes persistent efforts:

"I am a super-luxury swallow who only repays grace. Generally I don't say such things myself ..."

Li Zhenghe quickly ended the topic:

"Then don't say it. "

Hahaha, Hyun Bin, who was indifferent, was also very handsome.


口嫌体正直的大火山。 Under the surface of the iceberg, it is actually a large volcano with suspected integrity.

有急事才能给自己办公室打电话 The man went out to work and told her before leaving that he could call his office if there was something urgent .

The hostess promised well, and she started to harass the phone constantly.

The reason is also very straightforward:

"I'm looking for a shower gel urgently."

"What about shampoo? I'm really urgent."

"The faucet does not produce hot water. This is really 100,000."

On the surface, the male lead is upset and irritable, but actually remembers it clearly in his heart, and obediently buys daily necessities after work.

I will not say about shower gels and shampoos, and I bought a full set of skin care products not mentioned.

Even underwear came to mind.

However, Naoto Steel had no experience and bought the wrong size.

Made the heroine cried and laughed secretly:

"Oh, he overestimated me too. "

Once Naoto Bingshan has moved his mind, he will demonstrate what strength is petting.

夜深了都不回来。 The hostess went to visit other people's houses, and did not return at night.

一遍遍假装从人家家门口路过。 The man took the bike to pick it up, but he was embarrassed to rush, and pretended to pass by the door.

但装不了三秒就破功,忍不住叮嘱: I finally got someone, but if I did n’t emphasize it, I just happened to pass by, but I could n’t do anything within three seconds and I could n’t help but tell:

"It's dark here at night, and you have to go home early next time."

"Are you worried about me now?"

"No, it's because you are too uneasy."

With pampering in Ao Jiao, awsl!

I have to say, sugar scatter, Korean screenwriters are really professional.

Such light and touching romantic plots abound in the play.

Outside of romance, the screenwriter also laughed at every episode.

Take, for example, the use of information gaps between North Korea and South Korea.

When the male lead asked the female lead to leave North Korea, he forgot everything here.

The other said with a smile:

"You don't have to worry about this at all. When I go back, I will automatically lose memory."

At this time, the soldiers who loved watching Korean dramas immediately echoed:

我看韩国的电视剧里,十有八九的女主角都会失忆 ,这在资本主义国家是非常多见的病。」 "That's right. In Korean TV shows, most of the heroines have amnesia . This is a very common disease in capitalist countries."

(Deadly official tank)

The hostess is well taken care of by the host and her subordinates, but because she is penniless, she does not know how to express gratitude.

So I thought of a little trick.

「心」 He said he wanted to give something away, and then out of his pocket casually, compared with a "heart . "

这在韩国是表白的一种方式 Another soldier who loves to watch Korean dramas acts as an interpreter, explaining that this is a way of confession in South Korea .

受宠若惊,小鹿乱撞,想东想西。 The male lead was flattered, and the little deer rammed, thinking about everything.

But when the next time I saw that the heroine was more than everyone, the cold-faced officer broke his face again:

"This damn capitalist love! "

Not only the protagonist is funny, the supporting actors are also super drama.

As the facade of the officer's residential village, Li Zhenghe's appearance is well-known.

都要娇羞地掏出口红给自己补个妆先。 If the aunts go to his house for inspection, they will be shy enough to make up for themselves first.

Xiang Yu's look of shyness and optimism and a little expectation, Xiangyu really understood.

Sun Xian's hostess was initially criticized for her exaggerated acting and improper expression management.

But the more you look back, the more you will find.

The narcissist Miss Qianjin also has her own cuteness.

Envious of her jealous aunt, "Isn't that pretty?" Instead, he pulled the male lead to show affection in front of outsiders.

The charm of the charming goblin is stuck.

Focus on the eyes of the aunts

Compared with Sun Yizhen, Xuan Bin is even better.

Contributed the idol drama male textbook-like acting skills.

Please take a look.

This is how the male lead sneaks at the female lead:

This is the look of the hostess making a noise and secretly laughing in the corner:

Here's what it looks like when the female lead and the male lead are taken together to witness the Shura field:

Except for the groundhog screaming, there is really nothing more to say.

Which sister can resist Xuan Bin Ouba, Xiangyu I respect you as a man.

In general.

Although the Fall of Love is not good enough, there are many architectural bugs, and the protagonist's halo is too dazzling;

Fortunately, he performed well in details such as character modeling and line design.

也有中上水平。 The overall level is also high.

交织 男二 (骗了女主哥哥一大笔巨款的帅气诈骗犯) 、女二 (男主未婚妻) 的副线。 And as the plot advances, the second line of the male second (the handsome scammer who cheated the female lead's brother for a huge sum) and the female second (the male fiancee) will be intertwined .

Suspected to be a pair of CP.

In addition to falling in love, the male lead must trace the suspicion of his brother's car accident.

At the same time, it is necessary to deal with the backhand who is constantly inquiring about the identity of the hostess and finding fault at any time.

Various clues are entangled, and there are many to watch.

Speaking of which, South Korea has indeed made great strides forward in the past two years.

The old-fashioned practice makes perfect, the skill is not diminished, new ideas are emerging one after another, and the new tricks are changed.

Let's say that in 2019, "Romantic Constitution", "Dazzling" and "Assistant Officer 2" all have Douban 9 points upwards;

8-point + Korean dramas such as "Prisoner Doctor", "Spring Night", "Very Cheap, Maxima Supermarket" and more are beyond count.

Even this "fall of love", which manually adjusts IQ, can rely on sugar-sprinkling skills to bring back word of mouth.

In contrast, most of the domestic drama idol dramas are still struggling on the passing line without brains and filters.


On grievances, we are most wronged.

打打斗斗 Assistant Editor: Fighting

In 2020, we will continue to pursue good drama Back to Sohu, see more


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