◑ The secret of Cantonese soup so delicious, finally cracked! Here are the recipes for these 8 Cantonese tonic soups!

Original title: ◑ The secret of Cantonese soup so delicious, finally cracked! Here are the recipes for these 8 Cantonese tonic soups!

Good evening, Her Majesty ~ Come to fulfill the promise of Xiao Long Bao, today I will give you a stack of recipes! (Today's entire article is dry goods, be sure to watch slowly ~)

了,这可是一年中最冷时候! The day after tomorrow will officially enter the "nine-nine" day , this is the coldest time of the year! 各种热乎乎的广式煲汤配方秘籍 In order to warm you up, I specially rushed to send you various hot recipes of Cantonese soup recipes at this time !

This soup not only warms up, but also has many benefits!

As the saying goes, "tonic in autumn and winter, tigers in the coming year." This is because in winter, the body's metabolism slows down. 强身防病 的作用。 At this time, nutrients are most easily absorbed and stored, thus playing a role in strengthening health and preventing disease .

论煲汤,广东人是第二的话,就没人敢称第一! Everyone knows that when it comes to soup, when Cantonese are second, no one dares to call it first!

按照不同的作用 弄来了 8 种广东煲汤料的配方 ,还拍了一个 煲汤教程 给你们~让你们抓住 好时机补身子,等开春儿了就能身体倍儿棒,精神焕发啦! Therefore, I specially made 8 kinds of recipes for soup in Guangdong according to different functions . I also took a tutorial on cooking soup for you ~ so that you can seize the opportunity to replenish your body. When the spring comes, you will be physically better It ’s glowing!

广东人煲汤好喝的小窍门 跟你们分享一下,然后咱们再慢慢看~ Here the buns first share with you the delicious soup from Cantonese , and then let's take a closer look ~

最好用砂锅或者陶锅,它的内循环性比较好,可以让食材更好的入味,还能够保证汤汁的口感。 1. It is best to use a casserole or earthenware pot, which has better internal circulation, which can make the ingredients taste better and also ensure the taste of the soup.

煲汤前鸡、鸭、排骨等肉类,一定要焯水。 2. Before cooking the chicken, duck, pork ribs and other meat, be sure to simmer.

煲汤时一定要注意火候。 3. Pay attention to the heat when cooking soup. Let it boil over high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly, fish soup for 1 hour, and other meat for 2-3 hours.

水要一次性加足,小火慢炖时候不能加水,中途加水会让肉质遇冷收缩,破坏汤的口感。 4. Add enough water at one time. Do not add water during low heat and slow simmering. Adding water in the middle will shrink the meat when it is cold and destroy the taste of the soup.

不要放过多的香料、调味料,如果放,放2 片姜就够了,更原汁原味。 5. Don't put too much spices and seasonings. If you put them, it is enough to put 2 slices of ginger, which is more original.

盐要等汤快熬好了再放,因为盐会让蛋白质凝固,防止香味的扩散。 6. Salt should be cooked until the soup is ready, because salt will solidify the protein and prevent the diffusion of flavor.

所有汤料食材药店都能买到~ Warm reminder: all soup ingredients and pharmacies can buy it ~

Strengthen your body, replenish your energy, full of energy!

Ingredients: Agaricus blazei, Yuzhu, Zhishi, Longan, Chinese wolfberry, red dates, American ginseng, lily

Suitable for ingredients: Chicken, black chicken, pigeon, lamb

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages, beautiful girls are especially suitable for maternal conditioning. PS: pregnant women drink to remove longan meat.

Replenishing qi and getting tired makes you feel great!

Ingredients: Ginseng, yam, lily, polygonatum, Cordyceps flower, red date, longan meat, wolfberry

Suitable for ingredients: Chicken, pigeon, lamb

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages, those who are weak and have cold limbs can drink more. PS: Do not add longan and ginseng for pregnant women.

Qingyan Runfei, sweet and nourishing good taste!

Ingredients: Carnation, fig, almond, overlord flower, lily

Suitable for ingredients: Chicken and Pig Bone

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages, those who cough and smoke can drink more.

Kidney, anti-fatigue, make you energetic!

Ingredients: Red lotus, black beans, longan meat, Poria, walnut, Polygonatum chinensis, fungus, osmanthus

Suitable for ingredients: Pork ribs, pork bones, chicken

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages, especially suitable for people with poor sleep and hair loss, especially for men. PS: pregnant women do not drink longan.

Nourish yin, moisturize, relieve cough and moisturize lungs, sooth your throat comfortably!

Ingredients: Lily, Yuzhu, Tremella, Jujube, Dried Sydney, Wolfberry

Suitable for ingredients: Chicken, chicken feet, pork bones, lean meat

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages, girls who love beauty are easy to get angry and dry mouth.

Full of gel, moisturizing the skin, essential for women!

Ingredients: Maw, snail meat, red lotus, host bamboo, wolfberry, lily, red date

Suitable for ingredients: Pig bones, trotters, chickens, pigeons

For the crowd: Girls of all ages and beauty, especially suitable for maternal conditioning

The moisturizing and tonic is a must-have throughout the year!

Ingredients: Almond, Coix Seed, Chenpi, Huaishan, Lily, Red Lotus, Coix Seed, Red Date, Yuzhu

Suitable for ingredients: Fish, duck, chicken, ribs

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages, especially for people who are prone to edema and heavy moisture. PS: pregnant women and do not add coix seed.

Daily tonic, dehumidify and strengthen the body!

Ingredients: Five-finger hair peach, coix seed, candied date, red date, wolfberry, Poria

Suitable for ingredients: Duck, chicken feet, trotters

For the crowd: Suitable for all ages and young people, especially suitable for people whose skin is prone to dryness and face oil. PS: pregnant women and do not add coix seed.

The soup mix is ready for you

So how to make soup taste delicious?

姬松茸红枣汤炖只鸡 Let's stew chicken with Agaricus blaze

举个例子 ~ Let me give you an example ~

Next, go directly to the detailed graphic steps

Chicken (1.6 kg), ginger, Agaricus blazei, red lotus, lily, jade bamboo, longan meat, red date, wolfberry, American ginseng, salt

Wash Agaricus Blazei, Polygonatum, Lily, and Red Lotus and let it soak in water for 1 hour.

Wash chicken, cut into pieces, and cut ginger into pieces.

Add water to the pan, add ginger slices, and add chicken gizzards. Remove and wash after boiling for 3-5 minutes.

Put chicken, Agaricus blazei, Yuzhu, Lily, red lotus, longan, and American ginseng in the pot, and add 2.5-3L of water.

Bring to a boil and set to medium-small heat for 1.5-2 hours ~

Cut the red dates in the middle and place them in the pot, then put the wolfberry.

Here I come from the first. The red dates can be put earlier. I forgot to add them. I can only add them at this time

Add an appropriate amount of salt about 5 minutes before the fire.

✎ 2020. 01. 07 Weather is overcast

It ’s not until 20 days to celebrate Chinese New Year. I bought a ticket for going home for the Chinese New Year. It cost more than 2,000 oceans. Although it ’s expensive, it ’s full of expectations ~

卤味 I have already placed an order in the cloud and told my dad that the dishes I want to eat when I go home for the New Year, ha ha ha ha ha ~ Of course, the essential one is of course a large bowl of lochi !

酱牛肉 猪蹄 干豆腐 鸡翅 鸡爪 小鸡胗 ...... Every year before the Chinese New Year, my dad has to marinate a large bowl of marinade, beef sauce , trotters , dried tofu , chicken wings , chicken feet , chicken gizzards ...

If you like spicy taste, you can also put some dried peppers when making lochi! Fresh and spicy is super delicious !

▲ Look at my calf tendon! How tempting!

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By the way, what is your favorite lochi?

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