New Year's drama has a good reputation: Jin Dong plays the elite again and is spit out by Tang Wei and returns to the screen to meet Waterloo

Original title: New Year's drama, good ratings, poor reputation: Jin Dong played the elite again, was spit out, Tang Wei returned to the screen and met Waterloo

Sohu Entertainment Special (Exception / text) At the beginning of each year, each of David ’s new year's dramas is highly valued. Whether you can make a big start is here. This year, Hunan TV's headgun was the heroine costume drama "Bright Ming Fenghua" starring Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen. Oriental TV and Beijing TV bet "Elixir of Viewing" Jin Dong and aired its "elite lawyer" . It is gratifying that the ratings of these two plays are very satisfactory, but the word of mouth is not satisfactory. Jin Dong was voiced by "repeating the elite person design, making people tired". Tang Wei's return to the screen did not make people look amazing, but instead shaped And acting skills have been rejected by the audience.

The opening drama of the year is gratifying: "Elite Lawyer" and "Bright Ming Fenghua" both broke 2

From the perspective of ratings, the two opening dramas "Elite Lawyer" and "Daming Fenghua" performed very well.

When the "Elite Lawyer" premiered, the ratings of CSM59 broke on both channels. On January 7, the ratings of "Elite Lawyer" on the Beijing Channel broke even 2. This is under the premise of the dual-channel hookup. It really is Very good results. After "The First Half of My Life" and "Mr. Love", Jin Dong once again proved that he really can handle the ratings. Moreover, the popularity of "Elite Lawyer" has always been ahead of other TV dramas broadcast at the same time.

The results of "Bright Ming Fenghua" are also eye-catching. The ratings for the first broadcast were as high as 1.918, and they topped the ratings for ten consecutive days, before being surpassed by Elite Lawyers. In recent days, its ratings have frequently broken 2. Although some netizens have questioned the "data injection", to be honest, after "I know whether it should be green fat, red and thin", Hunan Satellite TV has not broadcast costume dramas for nearly a year, and the audience believes that they are also very "hungry" thirsty". Therefore, a big-cost actress like "Bright Ming Fenghua" should still have a certain size audience.

And, in the new year, the overall ratings are not low. The opening drama "Dream Across the Sea", broadcasted by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV, can be said to be silent, and the ratings have remained at about 1.5. It is conceivable that this year each David regarded it as a compelling audience, and they are quite a fight.

"Elite Attorney" was awarded "suspended middle-aged idol drama"

However, behind the high ratings, there is a steady stream of voices from netizens.

Although "elite lawyers" have very good ratings and popularity, their word of mouth is really weak, and the Douban score is only 5.3. A closer look at the audience and netizens' evaluations of this play shows that there are a lot of slots in this play.

Jin Dong was the first to become the focus of netizens. Since becoming popular with The Pretender, Jin Dong has fallen into a black hole of "elite people". "Elite Attorney" was invested by Jin Dong. Naturally, it was 361 degrees to show the charm of his peacock man—suit leather shoes, fragrant car beauty, and the opening was "the lawyer's consultation fee of 100,000 yuan per hour". Teach people to be human.

However, such a luxurious configuration did not make the audience become "licking dogs", but instead attracted a variety of scoldings: "I still can't accept Jin Dongzhuang X", "Jin Dong plays everything like He Han", "Jin Dong The road is so narrow. "

Moreover, the show did not show Jin Dong's professionalism as a lawyer too much. Instead, he let the audience watch him every day among various women. Some netizens joked: "This show is better called" Jin The Story of Dong and 100 Women. "The so-called" too late ", Jin Dong's" elite road "seems to be coming to an end.

On the other hand, the professionalism of this drama has also been questioned by netizens. To show how professional and powerful a lawyer is, just relying on rainbow farts, what is "he has never lost a lawsuit" and "she can memorize all the laws". This is like a joke in the eyes of professional lawyers. More than twenty episodes covered more than twenty cases, which seemed to be fast-paced, but netizens thought that each case was handled sloppily, basically instilled into the audience. It is difficult for the audience to understand the daily life of lawyers in the plot, and it is more to see how delicate and prettier they are to live X. Obviously, the screenwriter didn't do his homework, but he built the car behind closed doors.

There are many other slots, for example, the hostess is too Virgin, suspected of plagiarizing the American drama "Golden Lawyer" and so on. In short, "Elite Lawyer" did not allow the audience to eliminate the prejudice against domestic professional dramas, but was put on the hat of "urban suspended middle-aged idol dramas".

Tang Weiyan's TV drama dropped on the altar

"Daming Fenghua" has the same reputation, and the Douban score is 6.6.

For many netizens, Tang Wei is the most discouraged in this drama. One is that Tang Wei's appearance in the play is really unlovable. Zhang Shuping, who is "unsatisfactory", holds Tang Wei with a big face and a big face. Where did Tang Wei, who is so charming in the movie, go?

The second is that Tang was the only one in the TV series, and her aura and acting skills in the movie seemed to disappear. Many netizens commented that she was "bad lines" and even showed mentally retarded acting skills. I have to say that movie cafes really have to be cautious when they return to the screen. If they are not careful, they will fall to the altar.

Male lead Zhu Yawen has also been dismissed by netizens. Probably anyone who hasn't watched the show knows that Zhu Yawen was voiced as "Dongchangchanghua" and "more and more mother-in-law". Indeed, in this play, Zhu Yawen lacks some masculinity, especially compared with his tough guy image in "Break Through the East" and "Red Sorghum". What's even more funny is that Zhu Yawen and Tang Wei seem to have changed their sexuality in the play. For a while, netizens couldn't tell who was more man, who was more mother. Moreover, the two of them have no CP feeling in the play.

In fact, from the perspective of ratings, the performance of "Bright Ming Fenghua" is still good, and the story line is also advancing very well, but the male and female protagonists are really unsettling, which has also reduced the overall reputation of the show.

Under the Jinyi's performance is mediocre; "Dream" Li Randy is considered too fat

Including the recent online dramas, there are no surprises.

Under the expectations of many book fans, "Behind the Jinyi" began to be heard.

However, for the time being, the performance of "Under the Jinyi" has not been able to meet the expectations of all people. In the popularity list of cat eyes, "Under the Jinyi" is only ranked fifth.

The play ’s Douban score has a score of 7.5, but to be honest, such scores are basically attributed to the male and female masters. Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun are very suitable for the role of the original in terms of appearance and performance. Gao Lengjisu, Tan Songyun is soft and smart, the two have a CP feeling, very good.

However, in addition to the male and female protagonists, this show has a lot of flaws. Many netizens have talked about the drama "Inject Water", "Slow Rhythm", "Scenery Set", "Cutout", and "Special Effect Five Hairs". Basically, there are some problems with domestic bad dramas. No wonder some netizens said: You can be as disappointed as you look forward to. "

The effect of "Dreamback" aired at the end of last year was not as good as expected. The original "Dream Back to the Qing" of the play is the originator of the novel, and the Tang people once created classics such as "Scared Heart". But "Dreamback" is a bit confusing. The most notable slots are Li Randi who was dismissed by the entire network as "too fat", and the drama's stubble was too outdated and illogical, which disappointed the book fans. Back to Sohu, see more


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