After being scolded for "ugly going abroad", she became the first Chinese-American in the United States: who looks offensive to her!

Original title: After being scolded for "ugly going abroad", but after becoming the first Chinese-American in the United States: who looks offensive to her!

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Yesterday, an Asian actress made history.


That is the actress who is going to star in "Shang Qi" and swipe the world.

金球影后,成为第一位亚洲女星。 At the US Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Okafina became the first Asian actress after winning the Golden Globe with the movie "Don't Tell Her ."

When she took the stage to receive the award, the audience stood up, and Kate the devil changed her "pro-girl" face.

年度最佳表演行列。 It is not only the Golden Globe that is second only to Oscars, but various critics and audiences have also selected her as the best performer of the year.

最当红的女主角之一。 In the United States, she has become one of the most popular actresses.

"Don't Tell Her" starring her, tells about a Chinese family grandmother suffering from cancer, her family concealed the illness, and Billy, who grew up in New York and is accustomed to independent human rights, wants to tell the truth to her favorite grandma.

国外的开画票房甚至超过《复联4》。 This movie, which explores different perspectives on life and death in Chinese and Western cultures, is as high as 99% fresh in rotten tomatoes, and the box office abroad even surpassed "Fulian 4".

Okafina was therefore pushed to the stage.

“极富感染力,直击人的心灵深处”。 "Hollywood Reporter" rated her performance as "very infectious, hitting people's hearts deeply."

To what extent is it red?

Just to choose the hottest actress in the world this year, Okafina also refused.

Various major magazines kept on the cover, taking photos with many big-name Hollywood actresses, occupying the C position.

“2019年度女性力量” ,《时代周刊》更狠, 将她选为未来领袖之一。 On the cover of "Entertainment Weekly", "Variety" magazine called her "2019 Women's Power" , and "Time Weekly" was even tougher, choosing her as one of the future leaders.

Upcoming blockbusters such as "The Little Mermaid", "On the Air", and "Spongebaby" movies have sought her signing.

However, while being highly sought after, here is another story, Okafina suffered the most ruthless attacks and abuses.

She said on the show that "all Asian actresses are regarded as actors like Zhang Ziyi", but she was scolded "touching porcelain Zhang Ziyi."

In a video interview at station b, no one listened to her speech. The full screen of barrage was as follows:

This is not a special case, as long as the videos related to her, the content of the barrage is almost the same.

Even on other platforms, the word of netizens is very unbearable.

“你丑你不配”“长成这样代表亚裔你更不配。” To sum it up: "You are ugly and you are not worthy" "Growing up like this means that you are not worthy of being Asian."

Regardless of achievements, they don't talk about personality charm, and directly attack looks.

Is Okafina beautiful? There are 10,000 kinds of aesthetics among 10,000 people, but there is no need to stop being abused and abusive for their looks.

And those who scolded her did not understand at all how Okafina formed a powerful whirlwind as an emerging force.

It makes sense for her to become like this.

Okafina was originally named Nora Lum. She was born in New York. Her father was Chinese and her mother was a Korean immigrant.

However, when Okafina was only four years old, her mother died of cancer. She grew up under the care of her father and grandparents, so she was very close to grandma in reality.

In the past, Okafina was very introverted. She studied in white school and she was bullied and inferior.

叫奥卡菲娜的时候,就可以用另一种人格表演,变得自信。 When she debuted, she changed her real name from Nora to Awkwafina. She said: When she was named Okafina, she could perform with another personality and become confident.

And her confidence has been exerted to the extreme.

She graduated to work diligently that year, because she wrote a bold avant-garde rap "My vag", was directly fired by the conservative boss.

Unexpectedly, this became a turn of life for Okafina, she quickly became popular on the Internet.

, 赢得超过400万亚裔群体的点赞支持。 Her songs attacked the western stereotypes of the Chinese, full of personality and attitude, expressing the aspirations and ideas of Asian people, and won the support of more than 4 million Asian groups.

或许我的人生就应该这样。 At that moment she realized: maybe this should be my life.

Since then, she has performed a talk show while singing rap, and was therefore discovered as an actor.

I have to say that Okafina's life is lucky to be like God's perfect arrangement.

凯特大魔王以及安妮海瑟薇 出演《瞒天过海:美人计》,片子不怎么样,但奥卡菲娜的喜剧效果非常亮。 As soon as she debuted, she was arranged to star in Kate and Anne Hathaway in "Hiding the Sky: Beauty", but the film was not very good, but Okafina's comedy effect was very bright.

Playing a skateboard thief from Queens, weird and cunning.

It is said that for this role, she learned how to "be a thief" for several months.

Last year's "Amazing Stars" was also a mess in the United States, and Okafina's female lead girlfriend was easy-going and confident.

“有电影明星的光彩。” Few works have been described by American critics as "the glory of movie stars."

However, the publicity of the character makes it hard not to be associated with her.

“我看到的剧本没有种族、小角色、性之类的东西,这太棒了。我认为这个行业正朝着一个好的方向发展,亚洲人现在被视为可以做其他事情的人。” Okafina often said that she had caught up with the good times: "The script I've seen has no race, small characters, sex, etc. This is great. I think the industry is moving in a good direction, Asians Now seen as someone who can do other things. "

Of all the Asian actors in Hollywood, Okafina is the one who most recognizes and is proud of her Asian identity.

北京语言大学留学 ,从那时她才开始磕磕绊绊学中文。 She has been curious about her identity since she was a child , and she has been closest to her grandma since she was a child. In order to understand China and grandma, Okafina was 18 years old and went to Beijing Language and Culture University to study alone . Only then did she start stumbled to learn Chinese.

Two years later, she earned degrees in journalism and women's studies, and also wrote gourmet articles for a Beijing magazine.

When filming "Don't Tell Her," the first scene was to play with the old bone of the grandma and the international first-level actor Zhao Shuzhen.

“我意识到,如果你在祖国有亲人,那种纽带是不需要语言的。” No rehearsal has been done beforehand, but everything is natural: "I realize that if you are a relative in your home country, that bond does not require language."

At the first moment of winning the prize, hug with the grandma in the play.

"It's very touching because my family is from China. I like China very much and would like to go back."

Nowadays, she will take her grandma to record some Asian cultural programs about Chinese food and living customs. (By the way, Grandma's Beijing dialect and English are very authentic.)

Even if she is busy at work, Okafina will care about her grandmother's daily life, and sometimes she takes her grandmother when she goes out on the show.

快乐。 After winning the prize, she moved to cry on the stage, stepped down immediately and grandma video, only in front of grandma, she will be unbridled and share joy and happiness.

At that moment, she was like every girl who was promoted in the workplace, made progress in her life, and finally struggled to find her own little girl in the world after struggling. She couldn't help crying in front of her relatives.

But in all the sad troughs, he chose to carry it alone.

And not just a girl like her?

刘玉玲。 As if driving her further and further, her childhood idol Liu Yuling.

That year, she was only 10 years old, standing at the door of "Saturday Night Live". The host that night was Liu Yuling. Okafina, who had no money to buy a ticket, was outside the door, watching the idol scene.

18年前那一晚彻底改变了我对一个亚裔女星能取得什么成就的看法。 Later, she became the second Asian woman to host the show: The night 18 years ago completely changed my view of what an Asian actress could achieve.

Liu Yuling also experienced the same dilemma as Okafina: she was young and did not shoot, she was attacked.

Coincidentally, last year, Liu Yuling, 50, became popular again with "Deadly Woman" and ushered in another spring.

长相,成为很多亚裔评判亚裔的唯一标准。 It is ridiculous to say: looks have become the only criterion for many Asians to judge Asians.

吴珊卓 ,为亚裔群体勇敢发声,很多人绝口不提她的作品,依然嘲她“女版林永健”。 After winning the Golden Globe Awards last year, Wu Shanzhuo spoke bravely for the Asian community. Many people never mentioned her work, and still mocked her for "female version of Lin Yongjian".

吕燕 ,当初被嘲“丢尽中国人的脸”,可她依然火遍欧美T台。 Pushing further, Lu Yan , China's first supermodel , was mocked for "losing the Chinese face" at first, but she still raged on the runways in Europe and the United States.

必须要忍受某些事、甚至必须要塑造出某种形象。 Okafina describes how difficult it is for Asians to mingle in Hollywood: they have to endure certain things and even have to create a certain image.

But when she breaks all the rules and usually gets real praise by acting as herself, she has to face unwarranted slander, even though these evil words are innocent to her.

Okafina and Liu Yuling. 有血有肉有灵魂。 Wu Shanzhuo, etc., are not the looks of the heroine, but they have truly become heroines, with flesh and blood and soul.

“找准定位,你就是自己的女王” Wu Shanzhuo has been in Hollywood for 25 years. After mixing from the lowest level, she said , "Find the right position, you are your own queen."

Liu Yuling also has a famous "F ** k you Money" theory--

The old lady has money.

Their existence is just to remind everyone that in an imperfect life, anyone can live as their perfect protagonist.

Beauty is not delicate, beauty is not stunning. In an open state, a strong self is beauty.

“你可以做到任何事情,你可以把命运掌握在自己手中。 Finally, I would like to encourage everyone with a sentence of Okafina: "You can do anything, you can control fate in your own hands. "

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