Will killing the fire in Australia kill 10,000 camels?

Original title: Can Kill Australian Fire Kill 10,000 Camels?

Australia's lingering wildfire is a major event that has shocked the world.

他们要射杀澳洲西北部的10000只骆驼。 However, a few months after the fire raged, the authorities finally made a decision: they wanted to shoot 10,000 camels in northwestern Australia.

According to reports, this operation will last for five days, and the environment department will dispatch multiple helicopters to shoot and kill at high altitudes. The camels' bodies would be burned or buried after close-killing.

Members of the executive board of the relevant agency said that the fire caused drought and water shortages, and that the camels drank too much water and emitted excessive carbon dioxide-which led to their fate.

This is not the first time that Australia is preparing to start a camel operation due to drought.

Let me talk about why there are so many camels in Australia.

In the 19th century, Australia introduced camels from India as a means of transportation, but with the development of transportation, camels were released because they lost their use value. After the camel was returned to the wild environment, because there were no natural enemies, it multiplied to more than one million heads.

Camels are water proficient. In the desert environment, they work very hard to extract water resources, and even go to the water storage tank of the aboriginal home. Coupled with the lack of natural enemies, the desert ecological environment in Australia was once destroyed.

As early as 13 years ago, due to the severe drought in Australia, the government has tried to kill wild camels by helicopter, because this method is light and labor-saving, only a few back and forth, and thousands of camels will quickly fall to the ground.

But this approach was unanimously opposed by environmentalists, so the Australian government could only transfer them to Queensland.

(Picture from 2013 CCTV13)

Now, when the fire is burning all over Australia and the camel has nowhere to go, "shooting" seems to be the last resort.

Hearing this news, it is difficult for netizens around the world to accept.

When transportation is needed, camels are introduced uncontrollably. If they are engaged in heavy transportation work, they do not need to be released to nature at will. They do not introduce natural enemy checks and balances. Regardless of the number of control ... Not human?

只要对人类自己不利,什么爱心善心都得靠边站。 Someone told the cruel truth: as long as it is not good for human beings, any kind of love and kindness must stand aside.

The Internet has launched the #Protection Camel # campaign.

"Enjoying water resources is not just a human right, it is also a right of every living being. "

"We are human beings, the supreme creators. Don't commit this degenerate crime, there must be other ways to save water. "

The camel was annihilated by a mountain fire, but it is not only the camel that is affected by this fire.

On January 7, according to a picture taken by an Air Force major, we saw the sky appear "bloody" in the firelight, burning fiercely, like a hell on earth.

The first thing in the fire was the animals who used the forest as their home.

According to experts, 500 million mammals, birds, and reptiles have been killed, causing extinction of some species, and more than 52,500 square kilometers of land have been burned.

Koalas have been slow to move, and more than 20,000 have died in wildfires. The charred remains of "lightning" can be seen everywhere.

After the fire spread to Kangaroo Island, the agile kangaroo could not survive.

Animals ran to the street and asked humans to drink water. Maybe they would be cute, but if you think of it, it ’s a mountain fire out of control and the animals are crying for help at 40 degrees. Is n’t it sad?

Similarly, people's lives have been messed up by the fire.

In addition to the shortage of drinking water and the danger of fire, many residents were forced to evacuate. But their house was razed to the ground, the farm was completely burned, and the loss of property was immeasurable. The original home was a mess.

The sky is tan, the land is scorched, and the air is suffocating ... People seem to live in purgatory, begging for the fire to go out quickly.

It is distressing that 25 people have been killed as a result of the untimely withdrawal.

The fire, which lasted for three or four months, was caused by summer heat and drought in Australia.

In 2019, Australia's climate change was extremely extreme, with the average temperature reaching its highest value since 1961, and precipitation was well below the record of the lowest precipitation in 1902.

再加上澳大利亚地广人稀森林遍布,几乎火势很少有阻碍。 In addition, Australian forests are full of eucalyptus trees, and there is a thin layer of wax on the eucalyptus leaves. Once a mountain fire ignites, this is a natural combustible material. In addition, Australia's vast and sparse forests are everywhere, and there is almost no fire. Hinder.

Therefore, Australia has a few months of wildfire season from early spring to early autumn, and this year is particularly severe.

What dissatisfied many people was the indifference of the Australian Government and some people.

New South Wales police revealed that during the wildfire, more than 180 people were suspected of arson, 24 of which were suspected of causing forest fires, and many more carelessly throw away lighted matches and cigarettes.

My own home, I don't care so much?

Even government departments seem to be careless. By November, the fire had already killed four people, and the Australian authorities sent only 1,000 firefighters to participate in the rescue, and fire trucks were pathetic.

There is no way for the public, many people join the fire fighting volunteers, but because the training intensity and professional level are still different from professional firefighters, they are helpless in the face of such a large fire.

The most ridiculous thing is the Australian Prime Minister. Not only did he cut down on firefighting costs for 19 years, he even went to Hawaii for a holiday in December when the fire was unabated.

When he returned to God to inspect again, the people were full of resentment.

Ordinary people are reluctant to shake hands with him, saying "unless fire expenditure is increased":

Firefighters also refused to shake hands with him, and the embarrassed president had to raise his hand and shake it.

There are many more people who say fragrant to him, saying "you can't get our votes here":

After a while, the fireman was exhausted by the road after being interviewed ...

Not only Australia is badly damaged, but New Zealand, which is separated by water, is also seriously polluted.

Around the New Year, the sky on the North Island of New Zealand turned rusty, and tan smoke filled it, as if it were the end of the world.

Smoke and dust passed through the 2,000-kilometer terrorist event, never before.

What's more terrible is that, due to the hot air currents, forest fires have already occurred in New Zealand, and the fire area has exceeded 300 hectares, and it is still spreading.

Even above the ice top of the Franz Josef Glacier, a terrible scorching yellow sky appeared. Experts analyzed that such a severe climate change may cause the glaciers to melt more than 30%.

In South America, around Chile and Argentina, the Meteorological Bureau has detected smog from Australia and has risen to 6000 meters above sea level.

Under the butterfly effect of Damocles, who knows who is next?

What's more terrible is that it is only January, and the summer in Australia is from November to April, and the high-temperature weather in midsummer has not yet arrived. It is difficult to predict what the scene will be and how it will affect the global environment as a whole.

This makes one have to think of the fire in Heilongjiang, China in 1987.

On May 6, 1987, four fire fields in the Greater Xing'an Mountains caught fire at the same time. After being extinguished, due to the re-ignition of the wind, the fire hit a dozen meters or hundreds of meters. The town was engulfed and the lives and property of many ordinary people were threatened.

We deployed in time and dispatched quickly. The joint battle of 500 million soldiers and civilians extinguished this huge wildfire in 28 days. But the price paid was more than 400 casualties and more than 500 million yuan in economic losses.

After the incident, Heilongjiang Province established a fire memorial. With this tragic experience, it reminded later people that the fire was ruthless and you must be extremely careful.

It is also from this experience that forest firefighting has the summary of "prevention-oriented, active elimination", "play early, fight small, fight (liao)", and "fire from small fires". A tragedy like the "5.6 Great Fire" never happened again.

It is grateful and moving to focus on major events and the guardianship and attentiveness of every forest firefighter.

Our country will use the words "same water and fire" to describe serious and "fire fighting" to describe emergency, so we are prepared and vigilant.

How terrifying the impact of a wildfire, does Australia not know?

If they really prevent it in advance, actively eliminate it, and know that "hit early, hit small, hit", can this disaster of all beings, including human beings, be avoided?

Even if human beings proclaim themselves powerful again, they will roll in pain under the whip of water and fire.

Rather than wielding a knife at a weaker animal, it is better to plan ahead and be awed by nature.

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