Zhu Dan called the wrong 6 artist names in February! Have you lost millions of dollars due to misinformation, is it really unprofessional or deliberately hype?

Original title: Zhu Dan called the wrong 6 artist names in February! Have you lost millions of dollars due to misinformation, is it really unprofessional or deliberately hype?

The host's heavy responsibility, Zhu Dan, who was a sister of Zhejiang Satellite TV, has a clear understanding.

The teacher who led her into the industry once taught her that the host is the stage owner and has an obligation to take good care of every guest.

As a result, last night Zhu Dan was named No. 1 in Hot Search because of the wrong artist name.

What happened? On January 8th, a netizen exposed a video that exposed the scene of "Direct Spring Festival Gala".

On the day of the program recording, many heavy guests were invited, including Ma Sichun after the film, Li Xian, a popular boyfriend in the summer of 2019, hot idol Wang Jiaer, actor Li Qin, Wei Daxun, etc.

However, the netizen broke the news that Zhu Dan once again misled the scene and called Ma Sichun as "Wang Sichun"!

Moreover, she supported each other several times, and was called "Ma Siheng / He", but she never said anything right.

This surprised many people. Zhu Dan didn't know Ma Sichun? On the one hand, Wang Jiaer looked at Zhu Dan's wrong Ma Sichun's name, and immediately hesitated!

After hearing about Zhu Dan's wrong name, Negrimatti straightened up and exclaimed "Ma Sichun"! Looks very angry. But after Ma Sichun froze for a moment, he laughed and didn't care.

But just after Zhu Dan made a mistake, the audience yelled "sorry" in unison, and used the standard "Saowa Rui" pronunciation, which caused the guests to burst into laughter.

But some people do n’t buy it. They think that Zhu Dan deliberately used misinformation to pay attention to it. Otherwise, how could he not know Ma Sichun who won the “golden horse shadow”?

To say that the audience thinks that her eyeballs have to be hot is not out of the question. After all, Zhu Dan, as a professional host, has staggered the names of 6 artists in two months.

On December 3, 19, Zhu Dan hosted the Fashion COSMO Awards Ceremony, and there were successive mistakes in the venue. In the future, the guest's name was wrong, and the words were not clear.

She called "Dilierma" to Naza ... Later, Naza smiled awkwardly and said, "My name is Naza."

Then he turned around and called Nazar at Dili Reba? ? ?

The expressions of other stars on the stage are also meaningful. Ni Ni sneered, Zhou Dongyu was aggressive, Jing Tian showed an awkward yet polite smile ...

National model Zhang Lina was called Zhou Lina ...

He also called Lin Yun as Yuner ... Lin Yun looked at Zhu Dan with a question mark on his face.

The most embarrassing thing is that Lin Yuner himself also came to participate in the event this time, and was sitting under the stage. Not only did they understand Chinese, but a while ago, they also showed off the certificate to obtain the Chinese proficiency test.

Not only was the verbal error serious, but the skill of the interview was also seriously suspected. She interviewed Xiao Zhan of this year's fire and asked, "If you have the opportunity, what is your second dream?"

Xiao Zhan said that it might be about art. But Zhu Dan is totally out of order. Are you good at drawing? ? Finally, bless you, the painter of the future ...

Xiao Zhan was a designer before becoming a star. Zhu Dan obviously did not do his homework. Can the designer and the painter be the same?

Her performance directly caused the majority of netizens to question her business level.

Because the scene was too embarrassing, after the event, Zhu Dan sent three Weibo in a row, apologized to the celebrities named by the wrong name, and promised not to commit again.

Zhu Dan also ridiculed that he was "three years pregnant silly." And wrote: "Next host, strive for perfection."

So what about her next ceremony? In fact, she staggered her names again.

On December 10th, the fashion style awards stage, Zhu Dan attended the event as the host. In the award presentation, she called Chen Linong's name "Zhao Linong", and called twice in a row ...

After listening to it, Chen Linong stunned for half a second, but because his face was not corrected on the spot, he just pretended not to see it and continued to answer Zhu Dan's question.

Afterwards, Zhu Dan sent an apology to Chen Linong on Weibo.

Chen Linong replied: "Sure Zhu Dan! I am a newcomer and continue to work hard."

What's foolish is that at an event that she participated in later, she took the initiative to cue a live broadcast error, first moving out of "Constellation," and then moving her daughter out.

Zhu Dan's repeated performance of the same low-level mistakes has really ruined the feelings of netizens and it is difficult to make people believe that this is a host with nearly 20 years of hosting experience ...

Some netizens teased: "I want to see Zhu Dan host again", and listed the invited guests for her.

In fact, Zhu Dan's level of hosting was good in the early days. He once established himself as a sister in Zhejiang Taiwan with "I Love Me Lyrics".

With the rise of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Zhu Dan quickly gained popularity, and when her career was in full swing, Zhu Dan chose to switch to Hunan Satellite TV in early 2012. She could have obtained a broader development platform, but the opportunity slipped away from her.

In 2013, many people on the Internet scolded Zhu Dan for moving to Hunan Satellite TV, calling her ungrateful, with various speculative voices. At that time, Zhu Dan entered the Hunan Terrace in a high profile, and at the beginning was also in the limelight, hosting many large-scale evening events.

But when she hosted "The Strongest Voice in China", she read the Hunan TV channel as the SMS channel of her old owner, Zhejiang TV, which caused Hunan TV to lose tens of millions, and Zhu Dan was nicknamed by the audience as Zhejiang Undercover.

And some broke the news that because this sentence was wrong, it directly caused Hunan Taiwan to lose tens of millions.

Afterwards, Zhu Dan sent several Weibo in succession and suspected to respond to the incident. She said that we were not easy.

I was standing in front of the strongest Chinese logo and taking pictures. The text "Come on, start work" seemed to be afraid of questioning and encouraged myself.

Later, she said that she would have digital shadows, and it seemed that she had not yet come out of the shadow left by the reporting error.

The two-year contract is about to expire. Zhu Dan made such a statement on the social platform and she also left Hunan Satellite TV.

This passage is also intriguing, but the younger sister said that it is a matter of time before leaving Hunan Satellite TV, it can be described as "a misstep, hate forever" ~~~

As the so-called "worry does not come alone", on December 4, 2015, host Zhu Dan appeared at Peking University and gave a speech entitled "Onlookers".

At the beginning of the speech, Zhu Dan smiled, confident.

In the speech, Zhu Dan shared his growing up experience, admitting that when he was young, his father died of illness, and he grew up in a reorganized family. He was very eager to be recognized and safe.

Originally, I wanted to share my "watching" experience with Peking University students. However, when it came to the resignation decision of that year, Zhu Dan was speechless and forgotten the words "I'm sorry, I'm a bit incoherent." Later I had to bow to the audience. Apologize and admit that you really can't do it.

At the scene, her emotions gradually lost control, and she even cried on the spot.

Zhu Dan, who completely dropped the speech, said: "No one believes I can't, even if I say I can't really speak." In order to present a perfect speech, she said that she was still adjusting the speech the previous day, and she always doubted herself, "I It may not be ready yet, and the passion for the stage has not been recovered. "

Zhu Dan, who had lost control of tears, surprised the audience, but the students came to comfort her ...

"Overturn" over and over again, it is not surprising that Zhu Dan was scolded for hot search. But after mocking it, outsiders felt that everyone was more disappointed than ridiculing and mocking. After all, Zhu Dan represents the host of generations we know and love, but this year, there are too many rollover scenes and distress situations for professional hosts.

The former "sister of Hunan Satellite TV" Li Xiang embarked on the live broadcast path, and there was still a serious misstatement during the process.

Xie Na, who took over her position, was "increasingly embarrassed" by the public after her marriage and birth.

The former "Sister of the Light" Liu Yan cooperated with Dapeng in 19 years to make the film "Beneficiary", but she has fewer and fewer opportunities to pick up the microphone.

Nowadays, Zhu Dan frequently makes mistakes, and a storm of public opinion comes out ...

Even in the era of entertainment for all, when "mouth slips" have been reduced to ridicule by everyone after a meal, when everyone has become accustomed to such "mouth slips", and has even been imitated by some moderators as "plays". For people, it is really unfair.

The old host is getting older, the Mesozoic is looking for another way, and the strength of the new generation is not yet recognized ... From CCTV to local stations, the phenomenon of host faults is becoming increasingly apparent. We haven't seen an impressive host for a long time.

The little girl not only wanted to ask, where did the host who held the microphone and the wonderful words went? Back to Sohu, see more


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