51-year-old Zhou Tao became the director of the Spring Festival Gala! Dong Qing once snatched the position of a sister but married a rich man is a life winner

Original title: 51-year-old Zhou Tao became the director of the Spring Festival Gala! Dong Qing once snatched the position of a sister but married a rich man is a life winner

New Year, New Year's Eve!

As the most anticipated program for the people across the country, with the arrival of 2020, CCTV Spring Festival Gala has also entered the final countdown preparations. According to Sohu Entertainment reports, in addition to old faces such as Shen Teng in the Spring Festival Gala this year, new faces like Xie Na, Xiao Zhan and Song Zuer Huang Xiaoming joined.

It is reported that Xie Naxiao may cooperate with each other to star in a Sichuan dialect-type sketch program.

What kind of programs Song Zuer and Huang Xiaoming will appear in the CCTV hall are still being kept secret.

In addition to the performances, the hosts of the Spring Festival Gala are also attracting much attention.

In recent years, the host lineup of the Spring Festival Gala has also undergone tremendous changes. Newcomers such as Li Sisi, Zhu Xun, and Nimmatti have become the main force of the Spring Festival Gala host.

Former hosts Dong Qing, Zhu Jun, Zhou Tao, and Li Yong, some of them retired behind the scenes, and some died due to illness. The host who once accompanied the national audience to greet the New Year, the situation is quite different.

Among the hosts of the Spring Festival Gala, the most pity is Li Yong. He died of illness in 2018, and his walk was also quite low-key. It was not until his funeral was finished that his wife Havin announced the news. After Li Yong's death, Havin still insisted on "Good Morning" on Weibo, which shows how good the couple's relationship is.

As the host of the Spring Festival Gala, Zhu Jun, who also acted as C, also faded out of CCTV because of the scandals in previous years.

In July 2018, Zhu Jun was caught in a scandal. Online exposure of Zhu Jun insulting female interns in June 2014 immediately aroused heated discussion among the masses. Everyone is very concerned about the direction of the incident and see how Zhu Jun will respond. Later, Zhu Jun commissioned a lawyer to issue a statement, claiming that the online exposure of Zhu Jun's harassment internship was false information. He would sue the originator of Weibo and repost users on Weibo, and would commission a law firm to investigate and obtain evidence.

Although there is no conclusion in the end, whether it is true or not, this scandal has had a huge negative impact on Zhu Jun's image. Since then, Zhu Jun has faded out of public view and no longer hosts the Spring Festival Gala.

On January 1, Zhu Jun, who hadn't posted any news for a long time, posted a video. Above text: Happy new year.

This is a 25-second video with the CCTV host singing and celebrating the New Year. Zhu Jun also participated in the MV recording. In the video, he is not different from the previous years, and his spirit is also very good. He was wearing a suit and a red tie, and arched his hands to congratulate everyone on the happy new year. At the end of the video, 14 presenters stood in a row, and Zhu Jun stood in the middle of the line.

Will Zhu Jun return to the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2020? Before the official announcement of the Spring Festival Gala, everything was hard to say.

After talking about the male host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, let's talk about the female hosts.

Zhou Tao, who also faded out of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and chose to retire behind the scenes, is now the director of the 2020 Chinese Literary Federation Baihua Spring Festival.

On the evening of January 7th, the Literary Festival Spring Festival Gala has ushered in the end stage. Everything is in full swing. On the night, Zhou Tao also led the team to work overtime, rehearsing all night, and stayed up all night.

Zhou Tao wore a yellow-black checkered blazer and an ordinary black inner tie. The upper part of the hair was simply pulled back, the lower part of the hair was spread out, simple and atmospheric, and very affinity.

This year's "Hundred Flowers Welcome Spring-Chinese Literature and Art Circle Spring Festival" was co-hosted by Jiang Kun, Yang Lan, Ren Luyu, Yan Ni, Li Guangjie, Zhang Lei and others.

Judging from the exposed photos, Zhou Tao is now 51 years old. As the director, she does not need to wear makeup, but even if Su Yan appears in the picture, it is still beautiful. Although her face is not good because of staying up late, His temperament still tightly grabbed people's attention.

In fact, in 2018 and 2019, Zhou Tao has been the director of the Olympic Park Music Season for two consecutive years. It can be said that from the host to the director, Zhou Tao is mature and successful.

As a well-known former host of CCTV, Zhou Tao hosted the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 16 consecutive years in 1996, and is also the most familiar host of the young generation of the 80s and 90s. Moreover, she is still the most host of Spring Festival Evening. Her hosting style is dignified and elegant, but it perfectly reflects the generosity of an oriental woman.

Speaking of Zhou Tao's resume, he was excellent from small to big. She has been doing well since she was a child and has a strong sense of purpose.

After graduating from college, she applied to be a TV anchor in Beijing TV station, and made great achievements. In the next year, she became the signature female anchor of Beijing TV station.

Before entering CCTV, she hosted the Beijing Spring Festival Gala twice, and she even made a guest appearance on "Fengyang Flower Drum".

Three years later, Ni Ping hosted a new female host in "Various Variety Views". Zhou Tao went and was selected as soon as he left.

Therefore, in 1995, Zhou Tao took over the host microphone of Variety Grand Prix from Ni Ping, and opened a new era of her own hosting.

The status of Variety Grand View in that era was quite high, because there were few variety shows at that time, and Variety Grand View was almost the first domestic variety show that could be broadcast live in prime time. General existence.

Later, Ni Ping was invited as a guest in the interview program "Front Peak Highlighter", and Ni Ping mentioned the change of the host of "Various Variety Views". At that time, she went to the stage to ask why. "" The response was: "That's not always you."

So will CCTV have a sister fight?

In the final issue of Variety Grand Prix hosted by Zhou Tao, she also hugged Ni Ping on the spot with her predecessor, Ni Ping.

In 2000, Tao Tao left "Variety of Grand Performance". When she later talked to fans, she said frankly that she wasn't sure whether she would leave the CCTV program broadcasted in the prime time at that time, but on the other hand felt that "should give up this seat to more young hosts."

Unsatisfied with being a host who just expressed her own words, she began to plan her own show, "Infinity of Truth."

This is a public welfare and environmental protection type program. Although many people were not optimistic about the show at the beginning, as a producer and host, Zhou Tao still resolutely determined her original intention, and it turned out that she was right .

In 2005, Zhou Tao, with a background in journalism, was seconded to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to serve as deputy director of the Press Center and undertake the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

On August 8, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games, which was celebrated by the whole country and attracted worldwide attention, was opened.

Zhou Tao explained the opening ceremony at the Bird's Nest. Her voice spread across seven continents and eight oceans.

As a host, Zhou Tao's resume is quite beautiful. He has won two "Golden Microphones", one "Golden Eagle Award", and one "Starlight Award". He was also awarded the "Golden Crown" Best Moderator by German National TV Station. This is the first time this award has been awarded to a host outside Europe, and it is also China's first internationally awarded variety show host.

In 2009, Zhou Tao was appointed Deputy Director of CCTV Arts Center.

In 2012, Zhou Tao became the deputy director of CCTV's Large Program Center. It was the first time she was absent from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and New Year's Eve.

In 2016, she resigned from CCTV.

As for the reason why Tao Tao left CCTV, many media said it was from her daughter. Because of autism, she had to quit her job to take care of her family. In an interview with Zhou Tao about her daughter, she said that her daughter was very good and had good homework.

Zhou Tao, who left CCTV, was trying to continue her love of the stage with another identity-the actor. She said in an interview that "I wanted to be an actor when I was young and I always have this dream".

In the film "The Moment of Victory", Zhou Tao played Song Meiling. Although there were not many shots, he appeared stunning. The film review wrote that "the elegant atmosphere shown by Song Meiling made me look at Zhou Tao's professional level, it was like acting for many years."

In 18 years, Zhou Tao also starred in the drama "Love Letter".

As for a transformed drama actor, Zhou Tao said this: "I'm not doing a cross-border play. The word 'cross-border' is a bit lighter here. It's a tribute to me, a tribute to my youth. Dream, a tribute to my favorite art form, and I can participate in it, this regret is gone for me. "

Some time ago, Zhou Tao appeared in the third season of Hunan Satellite TV's popular program "Sound Immerse".

What surprised the audience was that Zhou Tao, 51, was still so young and beautiful. Come to Zhangdongtu to feel that the big beauty has not been old for decades.

Earlier on, Dong Qing and Ni Ping, who also hosted before CCTV, appeared in The Sound of the Realm, challenging the dub, The Story of McDull.

Speaking of Dong Qing, many people think that Dong Qing, as a descendant hosted by CCTV, is "latecomer."

CCTV ’s first sister Ni Ping made her debut at the Spring Festival Gala around 1990, and Zhou Tao made her debut at the Spring Festival Gala in 1996. After that, until 2005 Ni Ping stepped down from her presidency to protect Ni Ping ’s female Zhou Tao ’s second female position. Seniority is also reasonable, and Dong Qing made his debut in the Spring Festival Gala of 2005 after Ni Ping left, ten years later than his predecessor, Zhou Tao. Can be said to be two generations of moderators, but due to Dong Qing's outstanding, Zhou Tao's position as a female was quickly replaced by younger generations.

It took only three years for Dong Qing to squeeze her senior Zhou Tao to the second position of the Spring Festival Gala in 2008.

If you look at the position, it is indeed that the position of the younger Dong Qing is more prominent and more central, but some netizens said that it is mainly Zhou Tao who has remarked behind the scenes in those years. Dong Qing can only be regarded as a normal baton, not a "grab position."

Zhou Tao and Dong Qing are actually ex-colleagues and friends, and they are by no means the former relationship of overwhelming publicity. Zhou Tao said in an interview that because we are the host of CCTV, it is inconvenient for us to say more. We Knowing that something is hot, she doesn't respond to me or respond to the fact that we are good friends in private.

Harmony is unparalleled in the world, and each is king. Both are very good and capable people. Maybe there is competition and it is definitely a healthy competition. Both are constantly accepting challenges.

Back to Zhou Tao.

Zhou Tao, who is smooth in his career, has some emotional twists and turns.

Zhou Tao had two husbands. The first was Yao Hong, the host of China People's Broadcasting Station "A Thousands of Miles Along," and they divorced in 2002.

In 2004, Zhou Tao married Lu Yun, who had known him for many years, and gave birth to a daughter, Xiang Xiang, the following year.

It is reported that the two met in 1995 and were originally just ordinary friends. After Zhou Tao's divorce, Lu Yun enthusiastically pursued her.

Lu Yun is a very successful entrepreneur with a strong background. But Zhou Tao chose not to marry him because of his money or background, but because he was always based on Zhou Tao and supported her work very much.

Now in her 50s, Zhou Tao is still active on the stage she loves in another way. Whether it is Zhou Tao or Dong Qing, they have a sense of responsibility and awe for their careers. They have made the host's identity to the extreme , And then bravely and decisively jumped out of his comfort zone and Yi was able to shine brightly!

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