国产动画中的“鼠小弟”,谢谢你们陪我度过快乐的童年 "Little Rat" in the domestic animation, thank you for spending a happy childhood with me

Original title: "Little Rat" in domestic animation, thank you for spending a happy childhood with me

As the Spring Festival approaches, the year of the Gengzi is getting closer to us.

Speaking of mice, we may first think of derogatory terms such as thief, rat eyes, timidity, timidity, and the end of a mouse, and in real life people's aversion to mice is also obvious. However, on screens and big screens, the image of the mouse is sometimes very cute, and many animation works involving rats have even accompanied the growth of children from generation to generation. Sohu Culture has taken stock of 8 domestic animation / animation movies related to rats. Looking at rats in the year of the mouse, childhood memories come to mind.

1. "Cat and Mouse Partner"

——From "Animal Service", 2020

Left: "Agent Cat" Zhang Dawei, right: "Hacker Mouse" Aqiu

The traditional cat and mouse are a pair of rivals, but the movie "Animal Special Agents", which will be released on January 11, is uncharacteristic. In the film, the mouse is a natural and cute computer genius, and the cat is an elite agent of Gao Lengjiao. The best "cat and mouse partner".

In the movie, "The Hacker Mouse" Aqiu likes to eat, is obsessed with technology and the Internet, and loves to chase stars. In order to solve a case of "nuclear charge" loss, Aqiu and "Agent Cat" Zhang Dawei have changed from being angry enemies into brothers. They also have to face unusually powerful opponents and a lot of inside stories ...

2. "Mouse"

——From "Big Fish and Begonia", 2016

Rat mother

"Big Fish and Begonia" tells the story of the young girl Tsubaki who is in charge of the growth of Begonia flowers, striving to resurrect the soul of the human boy "鲲" in return for gratitude, fighting with each other's entangled fate with the help of the God of Heaven.

Living in a dark corner all day, the half-free mouse-puss is a mysterious and ugly wife who is in charge of seeing inhuman animals, cynical, stays with mice all day, and likes to play with handsome guys. The mouse-woman was tired of her post, and finally took the opportunity to return to the world when she forcibly opened the door of Haitian with the power of the gods and attempted to send the big fish back to the world.

3. "General Rat"

——From Blessing Five Rats, 2008

Fu Wu Rat

There are 4 animated cartoons of "Five Rats", which are "36 Tricks of the Five Rats", "The Art of War of the Five Rats", "The Battle of the Five Rats", and "The Rise of the Five Rats" . In the cartoon, the rats are transformed into brave and righteous philosophers, and they use clever use of the "Thirty-Six Strategies" and "Sun Tzu's Art of War" to fight back the invaders.

The General of the Mouse Kingdom, Fufu Rat, led his four friends, Jiji Rat, Xiangxiang Rat, Confucian Rat, Yiyi Rat, and a group of followers, to fight against the powerful cat nation. The king's stingy cat fought wit and bravery, thus saving the rat country and the rat people who were oppressed and tortured by the cat country.

4. "Blue Rat"

——From "Blue Rat and Big Face Cat", 2000

Blue rat and big face cat

This domestic cartoon is adapted from the famous children's literature writer Ge Bing's work "Blue Rat and Big Face Cat". The protagonist Blue Rat and the big face cat are the stars of the Magic Acrobatic Troupe. They often go out to perform, and a story or an adventure will happen every where they go.

Blue-skinned mice are smart, helpful, and good at using their brains to find ways. They are superb, but unwilling to be lonely, afraid of grievances, and unwilling to suffer; big-faced cats are timid. Through a series of contradictions and conflicts, the film brings out two "living treasures" that are both kind and timid, and are both clever and immature.

5. "Naughty Rat"

——From Blue Cat Naughty Three Thousand Questions, 1999

Blue cat and naughty rat

The play has taken its own path with the artistic creativity of "knowledge cartoons". It uses the adventures of partners such as the main character "Blue Cat" and "Naughty Rat" to make use of the problems it encounters to provide children with knowledge of the universe, the starry sky, the ecological environment, the humanities and history, and the 100 views of biology. The crystallization of a thousand years of splendid culture and an overview of contemporary high-tech knowledge. It is an electronic encyclopedia for young people in the era of knowledge economy.

Clever, playful, and adventurous naughty rat, with a pair of big ears and a slender tail, in a black boxer suit, is his favorite. In the "Aerospace Series", Naughty became a spacecraft pilot, dreaming of becoming the world's best spaceship pilot. Her naughty driving skills are somewhat conceited, and she has a strong curiosity about new things.

6. "Hero Rat"

——From Shuta and Baker, 1989

Tanker Beta and Pilot Shuk

Shuk and Beta are the most famous fairy tale images of fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie. Shuk and Beta accompanied the growth of several generations, and were subsequently filmed by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio into cartoons, which became indispensable for many post-80s childhoods. Memory has also made it one of the domestic classic animations.

The play mainly tells the story of the mouse thief and the mouse "Beta" who bear the infamous "thief". They drove airplanes and tanks to help others, overcome various difficulties, unite and cooperate, defeated pirates, and finally defended human peace.

The positive meaning that Shuk and Beta brought to the society at that time was not unity, friendship and interaction, and the moral code of resentment and giving birth to justice, which was always advocated by Confucianism, although these contents were also incorporated into the children's minds in an entertaining form.


——From "The Adventures of King Bian", 1987

邋遢 King and Mouse

Presumably, everyone has such a song, "Xiao Xun Zhen Ya Zhen Xuan, King Xun is him, everyone calls him Xiao Xun", but I don't know if you still remember the story of Xiao Xun?

The film describes a boy who is not clean and playful, nicknamed "King King" and tricked into "The Underground Mouse Kingdom" and becomes an experiment. Later, with the help of the little white mouse, he made trouble with the mouse kingdom and fled to the ground with the big yellow dog and little cat. The mouse lives in the mouse kingdom and likes to dance, and wants to make friends with humans. She helped King Wu through difficult times, and was finally thrown off the cliff by a mechanical mouse and sacrificed.

8. Villain rat "one ear"

——From "Black Cat Sheriff" 1984

"One ear" almost died

The brave and righteous Sheriff of the Black Cat, an insidious and sly ear, an elephant thief who eats red clay ... Do these have good memories of your childhood?

"Black Cat Sheriff" is a five-episode series of animations adapted from Zhu Zhixiang's original novel, directed by Dai Tielang, and adapted by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio. Although there are only five episodes, it has brought us endless fun.

One ear originally had two ears, and was turned down by the sheriff with a gun. One ear should lead the rats to steal the granary and abduct the mole woman. The sheriff led the cats to arrest one ear. In the heroic fight in the cellar, the policeman won the victory. One ear was opened by the sheriff. The runaway career also elicited a series of stories. One ear found the cat and mouse to take revenge for himself, killed the white cat squad leader, and eventually one ear was wiped out by the black cat sheriff.

* The pictures in the text are from the above film and television posters and screenshots

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