"Fashion highlight moments" in 2019, fashionable people follow the trend!

Original title: "Fashion highlight moments" in 2019, fashionable people are following the trend!

Small snacks happy new year

I wonder who you are with for the New Year?

Before starting a new life

Let's take everyone to the time machine today at zero o'clock


Beauty & Fashion in 2019

These hot events that once caught fire

Do you remember?

Phenomenal trends throughout the year 2019

It must be inseparable from the words " 泫 雅 风 "

Fire to own Baidu entry

Plenty of makeup filters in the selfie app

Not only we like to use

Female celebrities have also turned into "students"

Seeing that the heat has just declined

A tear-dropping makeup was killed again

半个圈子的美妆博主出仿妆 Beauty bloggers who attracted half a circle

Your golden sister is still your golden sister!

Maybe many people are tired of her aesthetics now

But ask, 2019

Who hasn't owned a "Yunya same paragraph" yet?

Domestic products is definitely the hottest word in 2019

Following Li Ning and Peacebird

之后 After landing in New York Fashion Week

Domestic makeup has also made a beautiful turnaround

Cheap, quality does not lose the big name

Li Jiaqi's "pro-son" Huaxizi is even more upset

Beautifully carved eyeshadows and lipsticks

Make Chinese style makeup aesthetics the ultimate

Don't know 2020

What other dazzling performance of domestic products?

Vintage sweeping the fashion world

Don't you know what it means?

simply put

Vintage usually means more than 30 years of history

And well-preserved classic luxury

Many people confuse used, used and vintage

A picture teaches everyone to distinguish

Picture from Zhihu @vintage Milan

Ordinary second-hand luxury goods can only be called medieval

The requirements for vintage are much higher

Just like antiques

The market price will be even higher than the new model

Don't watch the stars wear big-name custom on the red carpet

Many people in private like vintage

Bella is the hardcore player of the vintage bag

Actually the popularity of vintage

After all, it was last year.

And seeing this momentum is still rising

Interested snacks

You can go to vintage stores in Japan in 2020 ~

Let me take a look back

的名场面 UNIQLO × kaws joint famous scene

After this incident

The major brands seem to have opened the cross-border joint Rendu second pulse

Pikachu movies from the middle of the year

Frozen to some time ago

As soon as a big IP appears

Co-branded models are emerging endlessly

Of course, cross-border joint names can

IpThe popularity of ip itself attracts fans

But if you only pay attention to money

Over time, we will also be fatigued

Hope for 2020

You can see the major brands outside the joint name

呀! Bring more surprises !

blackpink brings new album

After "kill this love" returns

It has set off an A-blast female group wind in China

Famous product right-angled shoulder, ant waist

Who is not stimulated by the blackpink of the big girl group

Have two meals of fat-reducing salad?

Other than that

Their clothes and makeup have also been cut off.

It can be said that it is a walking textbook

croptop + high waist

Pick up eyeliner + glitter eyeshadow

Did you keep up with the girl group style that burst into the air last summer?


Now open the closet and count

How many pieces of avocado green are there?

Comes with cooling properties

Refreshing and minimalist green

After the gray tone is combined, it is white and not picky.

Coupled with the active take-up of fashionable ladies

Crazy launch of major brands


Finally debuted in the C position ~


In 2019, if you want to live in style

I really feel a little green!

The underarm bag sounds a little bit smelly

It ’s actually a bag

It is also a product of retro resurgence

Small and slim shape

Plus shorter shoulder straps

Elegance while exposing your hands

Many European and American bloggers love it.

也是实力带货 KFC's three sisters are also carrying strength

No underarm bag in 2019

Still dare to say that you are fashionable?

Previous DG shame incident

Has caused a lot of dissatisfaction in China

Last year, luxury brands still muffled to death

Exploded on T-shirt and official website

Tied Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as countries

Yang Mi, Liu Wen and other spokespersons

Have issued understanding statements

Take a stand

China's territorial sovereignty cannot be violated

Although things have passed

But we have to remember the stars

的勇气! The courage to stand by the cause before the country !

The most popular makeup artists in 2019


Put a little ordinary makeup on Mr. Xu in a few strokes

Change to be gentle and touching

Immortal makeup change is amazing!

Actually in that short video

Many makeup tips conveyed are very practical

Let me give you another important point. Remember it ~

Usually use a little makeup

It will change a lot!

This is the first time that the Victoria's Secret Show has been closed in 24 years.

As of last year

Its audience fell to 3.27 million

Compared with the peak of 12.4 million people watching in 2001

Amazing drop

The reason

The main thing should be

Focus on appearance but neglect comfort

Most girls today

Never pay for sex again

The first consideration is whether you are comfortable

And Wei Mi has been neglecting the large size lingerie market.

Promotion poster for "the perfect body"

It's also made women of different statures have an offensive mood

Others make similar posters

To resist this single aesthetic tendency

Like what supermodel Shanina Shaik said in an interview

"Unfortunately there is no Victoria's Secret Show this year.

But I believe there will be more in the future

I believe they are working hard to create a brand and a new way of performing

Because it's the best show in the world. "

Hope to see a new Victoria's Secret show in 2020

The first item that exploded last fall- grandma's shirt

Is actually popular in

Knitwear from the 1950s

It always gives us the impression

Is gentle and good marriage

But this year's popular grandma shirt is a lot more interesting

A little more sexy and charming

This is mainly due to the " vacuum penetration method "

Obviously a well-dressed and gentle dress

Remove the ride and smash to fry instantly

Unfasten the two buttons on the hem

Is the favorite way of wearing bella and jennie

Half-veiled sexy is too ridiculous

This wave is so red.

More inventory

The more I feel at zero

Retro is the biggest fashion trend

No, I found a new way to open

Xiaoxiangfeng is back

And sex

Boys are noble men on earth

Elegant and light temperament of workplace girls and small fragrance

Also fits perfectly

Haven't boarded the snacks of the last fashion trip

Just hurry up ~

In previous winters, knee-high boots were overpowered.

Last year was the world of "boots under the knee"

Martin boots from late summer to early autumn

Now to cowboy boots, knight boots

It's not hard to see

A feminine item

Not so popular anymore

How slay comes now

I have to ask again

怎么穿都穿不够的 More than a dozen pairs of cowboy boots are not enough

Ms. Hyuna

And ann demeulemeester

These lace-up rider boots

It's a scene of a large female star hitting shoes ~

This kind of boots with neutral wind is really good

Can be matched with any style of clothes

To achieve the effect of mother-man balance

I always feel that my dressing style almost means a snack

Be sure to try it ~

Li Jiaqi's live room during this time

A source of happiness

Mom never has to worry about chopping my hands again

Because patronizing and laughing

Zhou Zhennan, Zhu Yilong, Gao Xiaosong ...

As long as the stars enter Li Jiaqi's live room

At least it has to be a hot search or something

Zero is highly recommended for snacks

If you're not happy

Just go to Li Jiaqi's live room

I can find fun and go shopping

And cute never healed unhappy

Perfect ~

have to say

Chinese makeup is a bit scratchy

We have been imitating Japanese and Korean makeup and European and American makeup

Have your own makeup gone abroad?

But a little unexpected

Chinese makeup in the first impression

It's this traditional antique makeup

And the Chinese makeup in Sakura ’s eyes

It ’s more like our combination after learning makeup in other countries


But not completely accurate

To Japanese media

This kind of Chinese makeup is more mature and beautiful

More independent women

Eyeliner on big red lips


Not flattering or flattering

Just to please yourself

▲ Ishihara Rimi's Japanese makeup vs. Chinese makeup


Whether it's real Chinese makeup or not

This independent female consciousness is right

It seems the kawaii cherry girls

It ’s starting to rise

(Suddenly I look forward to this year's sundry makeup)

“在看” Poke "Looking"

~ 2020 highlights constantly ~ Back to Sohu, see more


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