The actresses are so rigid! Zhang Yuqi tears her ex-husband, Mao Xiaotong moves out of the slag boy's house after the change of love, Zheng Shuang directly brings Zhang Heng to court!

Original title: The actresses are so rigid! Zhang Yuqi tears her ex-husband, Mao Xiaotong moves out of the slag boy's house after Zheng's situation changes, Zheng Shuang directly sue Zhang Heng to court!

Zheng Shuang, who has been passed up and broke up without official announcement, finally has a real hammer! !! !!

Yesterday, the media broke the news, saying that Zheng Shuang appeared in the Shanghai court to sue former boyfriend Zhang Heng.

When Zheng Shuang arrived in Shanghai that day, he first went to the law firm, and then went to the Jing'an District People's Court in Shanghai in the afternoon. He suspected of exchanging evidence with Zhang Hengfang.

It doesn't look like Shuangmei is in a good mood, she holds the material expressionless.

Subsequently, a reporter learned from the People's Court of Jing'an District, Shanghai that a few days ago, the court accepted Zheng Shuang v. Zhang Heng's civil lending dispute. The case is currently under trial.

Moreover, there are rumors in the workshop that Zhang Heng borrowed usury in the name of Zheng Shuang!

It sounds funny, but think about Zheng Shuang selling the dowry two days ago, it doesn't seem to be possible at all ...

Someone broke the news, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng had already separated. Moreover, as early as October 17 last year, the recording of "Daughters' Love" was rejected on the grounds of "inappropriate dates". On November 7, 19, a netizen who was certified as a director of Beijing TV Station on Weibo posted that "Zheng Shuang and the male ticket break up was originally an unhappy thing, but I always think Zheng Shuang is better."

The "informed person" seemed to know that Zheng Shuang broke up. Subsequently, Zheng Shuang fans also commented on this news, saying that it really scored.

Then some netizens broke the news constantly, which should be Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng.

When Zheng Shuang attended the premiere of Xiang Zuoxin's movie in November last year, only his father Zheng Chenghua was really with him. After the event, some netizens took pictures of their father and daughter waiting for the car alone on the roadside. They never saw Zhang Heng from the beginning to the end. This is completely different from the situation where Shuangmei had to bring her boyfriend with her.

In addition, there are also "hammers" ~~~ Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng co-operate the company's "whale obedience" employees said in an interview recently that the company ’s shutdown on November 20, 19 The company broke up, so the company didn't do it. "

On December 19, 2019, another media broke the news that the company founded by Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng had gone to the building. In the photos of the field visit, the company's door was locked.

Say what you want, don't do it if you don't? ?

What is even more funny is that careful netizens found that on December 16 and 17, last year, Zheng Shuang added a few men's suits, shirts, suitcases, etc. on a second-hand trading platform. Six suits cost only three hundred yuan, suspected of selling items used by her boyfriend at a low price.

However, the style of commentary under the news of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng breaking up was a joy.

If Zhang Heng really borrowed usury in the name of Zheng Shuang, it should really break up soon!

To say that this cool girl has always been considered a love brain, this time it is very easy to bring the ex-boyfriend to court directly!

The ex-movers quickly moved their hands, these actresses are very new!

Speaking of just now, I have to talk about Zhang Yuqi, a female war wolf in the entertainment industry! In the entertainment industry, there was a wave of fandom because of "domestic violence husband, divorce", only Ms. Zhang Yuqi can do it?

On September 26, 2018, Zhang Yuqi was shot and hit her husband Yuan Bayuan, and he also made two 1 cm knife marks on his back. Instead, the crowd of appetizers applauded.

Just as everyone was guessing how the two parties would respond, Zhang Yuqi again came to be "crampy": his agent Yang Tianzhen announced on his behalf: they have agreed to divorce!

Oh my god, the TV shows are smelly and long now, but Zhang Yuqi ’s own dog blood drama is so simple and happy, with a knife and a hand, there is no unnecessary action!

Compared to Zhang Yuqi's flashing marriage, the speed of her marriage is astounding. The almost one-sided support from netizens is also shocking:

Many people boast that she dares to love and hate, so cool;

A lot of passers-by said they turned to her.

In the fast-changing entertainment industry, she still has N hot searches on the list the day after she announced the divorce, which shows the fierce online attention.

Although Yuan Bayuan also counterattacked later, you two made a turn-by-turn X in one word and saw the netizens confused, but Zhang Yuqi was not afraid, the Queen was the king!

It is said that she has always been neat in handling emotions. At that time with Wang Quanan was also vigorous, big show affection.

But three years after marriage, Wang Quanan was exposed to scandal and shocked the entire network.

Four months later, Zhang Yuqi announced her divorce from Wang Quanan.

It can be said that she has become the dream of many domestic women: wealth is free, leave when you want to leave, chic.

Although she even laughed at herself, she really couldn't see the man's eyes.

But it doesn't matter if you look at the man's vision, you can do it yourself!

In addition to Zhang Yuqi, Mao Xiaotong is also a representative of decisive actresses.

On October 1, 2017, Mao Xiaotong posted a Weibo without punctuation marks: I never imagined this scene would appear before my eyes.

At that time, netizens who did not know the truth thought that Mao Xiaotong had been proposed by his boyfriend Chen Xiang? However, the truth is cruel: Chen Xiang derailed with Jiang Kai and was captured by Mao Xiaotong on the spot!

In the monitoring video exposed later, Mao Xiaotong perfectly demonstrated how to stop the loss in time after seeing the slag man.

That night, Jiang Kai returned to the man's residence with Chen Xiang. The two intentionally kept their distance and acted cautiously.

Here comes the dramatic scene: A few minutes later, Mao Xiaotong returned home from work.

Not long after, Jiang Kaitong stepped out of the elevator, looked around, and fled hurriedly.

Although I can't see what happened in the room, I can feel her sunny thunder from the chat records of Mao Xiaotong and friends.

but! More than 4 hours after the on-the-spot arrest, Mao Xiaotong resolutely moved out of Chen Xiang's house. He moved a lot of bags and parcels many times without leaving a way out for himself.

There is no unnecessary nonsense and no opportunity to explain to the male, Mao Xiaotong is divided into beautiful and simple, but did not expect her soft and lovely appearance to contain a strong heart.

Mao Xiaotong also became a hot search because he was too decisive.

Although the big ones are too consistent in tone, it is inevitable that there is suspicion of buying marketing enthusiasm.

Everyone still thinks of Sister Zhang who just said ↓

However, Mao Xiaotong's three positive views in the face of betrayal are worth exaggerating.

The goddess Lin Qingxia was also injured because of love, but then she finally saw the essence of the scum male and divorced smartly.

Lin Qingxia married a Hong Kong businessman Xing Lixun in 1994. Although the man is a billionaire, everyone still feels that Lin Qingxia has lost: She is the goddess admired by thousands of people, but Xing Lixuan is so low-key

After the marriage, Lin Qingxia withdrew from the entertainment industry and gave birth to two daughters Xing Ailin and Xing Yanai. They were married and taught at home. A son.

At that time, it was reported that Lin Qingxia's relationship with her husband made her suffer from depression. The frequency of seeing a doctor was once every two weeks, and then she became more and more frequent.

When she was just married, Xing Lixuan gave Lin Qingxia a hundred Yishun. She once felt that she had found a "safe port", but her emotions broke down for many years. Her husband Yingying Yanyan kept going. I want to drive.

It is rumored that after the divorce, she will receive more than 2 billion alimony, rich, daughter Huan Huan, and a lot of freedom not to be bound, how good.

Therefore, timely stop loss is really important. Not only can you no longer be trapped in love, you can also give yourself a sea of sky and put a "rigid" label on yourself. Why not?

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