Mrs. 4-bedroom, 17 children, 500 billion family property: After the love of the first life, how much true love does the gambler have?

Original title: Mrs. 4 bedroom, 17 children, 500 billion family property: After the love of the first life, how much true love does the gambler have?

Ho Hung Wah, a name that has been in Macau for almost 60 years.

He created 500 billion properties in one hand, and is the most powerful, profitable, reputable, and longest reigning gambler in the history of Macau's gaming industry. The locals call it the "Uncrowned Governor."

The gambler with huge assets is still a passionate instinct.

He has countless lovers throughout his life, has married four-bedroom wives, and has as many as 17 children, which is no less than the ancient emperors.

The gambler who has been glorious for most of his life probably never imagined that when he should have enjoyed his old age, he became a tool for family members to compete for favor.

Even if they were lying in the ICU ward of the hospital, they had to cooperate with their endless poses and performances.

Even pure recuperation has become a luxury.

The 98th birthday just passed gave the gambler He Hongxuan another hot search.

On his birthday, Mrs. Fang and his children appeared in the hospital one after another.

After dozens of people walked through the "celebration" process, there were some people who could not wait to be interviewed for their presence. Some people on Weibo showed family harmony and loving parents. They also took photos to show that their fathers and daughters were filial.

Everyone's face was filled with happiness, and only the old-fashioned King of Gamblers turned out to be a "wax figure" with no expression.

Love is noble

His glory is all about her

How humble he was in his later years, how legendary he was in his early years.

He was born in the first of the four major families in Hong Kong-the Ho Tung family. Since he was a child, he has enjoyed a comfortable life.

The accident happened when he was 13 years old.

His father's uncle's business was wounded and he lost everything. Overnight, the huge family business was brought to naught.

Under pressure, the two uncles committed suicide one after another, and his father Ho Shiguang fled to Vietnam in a hurry.

The family road fell into disaffection, and He Hongzheng and his mother, who remained in Hong Kong, endured the cold words of others.

Seeing the world's scorching world, He Hongyi changed his style as a child of his former sister-in-law, and began to study hard and was admitted to the University of Hong Kong with excellent grades.

University has not yet graduated, but it has caught up with the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, and He Hongye's education was forced to be interrupted.

In order to survive, he came to Macau with only 10 yuan of Hong Kong dollars to board the refugee boat.

At that time, there were also pirates running around Macau, and Japanese warships were rampant. In a time when life was difficult to save, He Hongyi simply gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, betting on his own life, and started a "espresso boat" business in the rain of gunfire.

That year, he was only 21 years old.

Destiny gave him countless challenges, and also gave a valuable man to help him throughout his life: Li Wanhua .

Li Wanhua comes from a prominent family in Portugal. Her father is a well-known lawyer in Macau and the only notary public in the area. Her influence and connections are evident.

When He Hongyi first met Li Wanhua, he was fascinated by this girl who was called the "Macao's First Beauty" and started her enthusiastic pursuit.

And Li Wanhua was also attracted by He Hongzheng's appearance. Under the circumstances, 18-year-old Li Wanhua resolutely married He Hongzheng who had nothing at the time.

With the help of his father-in-law's family, coupled with the talent and boldness of He Hongzheng himself, he soon made his first "huge" wealth in life: 1 million.

Because of this marriage, He Hongzheng realized the transformation from a downcast teenager to a wealthy businessman in the shortest time.

In 1960, He Hongyi ushered in the second important opportunity in his life.

Macau's original gambling card owner, Fu Lao Rong, has died, and everyone has re-competed for gambling card licenses. He Hongyi, with his unique vision, immediately joined Ye Han and his old classmate Huo Yingdong in bidding.

After the Macau Gaming patent was in hand, He Hongzhi successfully monopolized the Macau gaming industry for nearly 40 years, and a generation of gambling kings became famous.

At the height of the “Gambling Kingdom”, the casinos under Ho Hung Wah's casinos bet six times the gross domestic product of Macau each year. Gambling taxes accounted for more than 50% of Macau ’s total fiscal revenue. Hire and benefit from his company.

At that time, He Hongxi almost grasped the economic lifeline of Macau.

Although the gambler is getting old

But the woman around him is always young

Fame and fortune, wealth, status ... He Hongzheng got everything he had wanted. Unfortunately, Li Wanhua failed to share with him.

In 1957, Li Wanhua was found to have colitis, and was still unable to cure after seeking medical treatment. In the end, the stomach can only be removed, and life can be continued by taking long-term medication.

Eating liquid food all year round, coupled with the ravages of her illness, caused Li Wanhua's weight to plummet, and her beauty and temperament that year also gradually faded.

And her handsome and golden husband, the proud second half of her life, has just begun.

At the end of 1957, He Hongzheng drew the Qing law that had not yet been abolished in Macau, and "lawfully" married his second wife, Lan Qiongzheng.

His explanation to the original Li Wanhua was very straightforward:

" I can't be a monk all my life. Besides, I have a big family and a very busy job. I have a lot of social entertainment. I need a woman to do housework and always stay with me. "

Li Wanhua was trapped on the sickbed and unable to return to heaven.

Since then, the beautiful and intelligent Lan Qiongyu, who is 14 years old, has begun to accompany He Hongyi and go out to various social occasions.

Li Wanhua on the bed was gradually forgotten by the world.

▲ He Hongzhang and Santai Chen Wanzhen and their children

This illness was just the beginning of a bumpy life.

In 1973, Li Wanhua suffered a bizarre car accident in Portugal, suffered severe brain damage, and was unconscious for more than a month.

Not only did I lose most of my memory after waking up, but my movements were also very difficult, to the point where I could not walk independently.

Eight years later, her 32-year-old eldest son He Kunguang and her daughter-in-law suffered a car accident in Portugal, and both died, leaving only two young daughters.

The eldest daughter, He Chaoying, was also insane due to the double blow of her marriage failure and the death of her younger brother.

▲ Li Wanhua's eldest daughter He Chaoying and her brother He Yanguang

Strange illness, the husband changed his heart, his son died, his daughter went mad, and all kinds of bitter fruits made Li Wanhua, who had fallen ill, completely in despair, and her health deteriorated.

Her second daughter, He Chaoxian, has grumbled for her mother several times:

" She has never done bad things to anyone, but she has to suffer too much. Heaven is too unfair to her. "

But how can He Hongyi, who has many wives and children, hear Li Wanhua's wailing blood.

In 1985, taking advantage of the time when Ertai Lan Qiongyu was in the overseas cooking business, 64-year-old He Hongyi lavishly set up two luxury homes to give away, and brought back the third wife Chen Wanzhen.

Chen Wanzhen is not a bystander, it is Li Wanhua's personal care.

Married to the third wife less than half a year, Liang Anqi, who is a young and beautiful dancer, was also favored by He Hongzheng, and soon established the status of the fourth gambler.

A new generation replaces an old one. Although the gambler is old, the woman around him is always young.

Have hundreds of billions of properties

Debt to the next life

In 2004, Li Wanhua died suddenly, and the Macau SAR government lowered its flag to mourn.

Maybe it was out of guilt, or maybe it was because of the surviving affection, that He Hongyi buried her scenery.

In obituary, he called her "love wife", and the family register for the funeral did not mention the three aunts and their children, which may be the last thoughtfulness and respect he could give her.

After Li Wanhua's death, her descendants were isolated from the family's core business.

The company that she accompany He Hongzhang laid the foundation for other women and their children.

In 2009, 88-year-old He Hongzhang suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital for surgical treatment. Since then, he has been resident in the ward for recuperation. The battle for property of the House of Gamblers has also officially begun.

On the bright side, women in various houses are rushing to get married and become pregnant as a serious gambler.

Secretly, they also helped each other, secretly transferred assets, embezzled shares, and once went to court.

No one knows how many ugly black box battles there are behind this round of bouts between you and me.

The world is full of benefits, the world is full of benefits.

The more places where the interests gather, the more indifferent is the affection, and the affection is no exception.

In 2018, He Hongyi, who was struggling to cope, announced his retirement and split all assets.

After the division, He Hongyi fell out of the Forbes list of riches. The second-room eldest daughter, He Chaoqiong, ranked 12th among the richest women in Hong Kong, and the female richest person ranked the first. The fourth wife Liang Anqi ranked 21st.

There is a knife next to Keli. When the knife is facing the closest relative, there is no winner in this battle.

Some people say that Wang Xiaoyong I, but now can't find a child, can inherit half of his courage and style.

This is his biggest regret.

But I feel that the biggest regret of the gambler in his later years should be the solitude of no love in his heart.

With hundreds of billions of properties, it also owes a lifetime debt. Even the harmony of children's blood thicker than water is full of organs and interests.

He is 99 years old, his wife and children are full of the house, the crowd is supportive, and his life is still so lively.

It was just that it was hard for him to laugh out.

Perhaps he also knew that the person who loved him the most had already died in 2004.

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