Yang Mi and Wei Daxun's romance adds real hammer? Why do actresses love sisters and brothers more and more?

Original title: Yang Mi and Wei Daxun's romance adds real hammer? Why do actresses love sisters and brothers more and more?

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Some time ago, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun's love affair broke the news. Although the two sides did not publicly acknowledge it, they couldn't stop the gossip hearts of the people eating melon. Recently, at the screening ceremony of the film "Dear, Happy New Year", the host asked Wei Daxun: " In real life, do you think that girls (ages) are older is an obstacle? "

Wei Daxun answered " No " without thinking.

It has caused countless CP fans to binge for a while. Isn't this a secret response to the relationship with Yang Mi? However, some netizens said that in the movie, Wei Daxun and Bai Baihe played a couple of siblings, and only responded to the movie content. Whether it's movie propaganda or confessions, female celebrities seem to be more and more willing to try sister and sibling love.

Realistic version of "Pretty Sister in Love with Me"

In the entertainment industry, there is no lack of examples of sibling love. Big S is 5 years older than Wang Xiaofei.

Before meeting Wang Xiaofei, Big S was already a hot female star in the three places on both sides of the strait. With the "shancai" corner in "Meteor Garden", she became the goddess in the hearts of countless boys and girls. In 2010, after meeting with Wang Xiaofei only four times, the two flashed together. Their marriage has been subject to bad faith by the public opinion, and has been labeled as "climbing giants", "discussions between mother-in-law and mother-in-law" and "superior minds" . But in the variety show "Happy Trio" in 2018, we saw two people full of happiness.

When Das was criticized by the entire network for saying that " eating shrimp must require a man to help you strip it," Wang Xiaofei, a "protective wife", stood up to support his wife and angered netizens.

Not only that, every time something goes wrong on the Internet, as long as Big S is involved, Wang Xiaofei has to intervene in the end. Hu Ke is three years older than Sha Yi.

When Sha Yi first became popular with "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan", Hu Ke has already become a well-known actor with "Quick Mouth Li Cuilian", "Jinghua Smoke Cloud" and "Eighteen Arhats". In 2009, the two met on an interview program, and a few months later they worked together on a TV series to play a couple.

After falling in love, Hu Ke once minded that he was 3 years old, always worried that there was no future. Fortunately, Sha Yi was in no hurry, and used her gentleness and thoughtfulness to dispel her doubts a little. Today, the two are not only as sweet as they were, but also gave birth to two lively and lovely children, Anji and Xiaoyuer, with a happy family.

In addition, there are 9-year-old Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai , 11-year-old Zhong Liti and Zhang Lunshuo , and 7-year-old Lin Zhiling and Hei Zeliang . Data show that ten years ago, "boys and girls are big" accounted for 68%, "boys and girls are big" accounted for 14%; today, "boys and girls are big" account for 43%, and "boys and girls are big" account for 40%. The traditional concept of marriage between male and female is being subverted. So why are more and more modern women willing to try sibling love?

The more independent the economy, the older the old man will be.

Women's economic independence is an important reason for this phenomenon. In the previous concept of marriage, marrying a woman was the second reincarnation of a woman. Compared with a younger brother, an uncle with a mature and economic foundation has an advantage. In recent years, with the rise of women's economic independence, more and more women are no less earning than men, and they no longer rush to marry themselves in search of security. Their choice of love and marriage is more focused on personal feelings, and they like the most important thing.

Xiao Yaxuan, a "love koi" that was rushed forward by netizens last year, is the best proof. From the rich second-generation family, she looks and dances well at the age of 22. When she was 22, she went to Hong Kong Hung Hom Stadium to watch a concert. With her own company, she can earn 100 million in income each year through her sideline.

Since his debut, he has changed 18 boyfriends and is getting younger and younger. There is a saying circulating on the rivers and lakes: No one can be young forever, but Xiao Yaxuan's boyfriend can.

For each relationship, she is seriously involved and can even refuse the opportunity to take the career to the next level.

Even if it is not good to meet people, then what?

Decent farewell, hair fluttering, striding away, she is fully capable of supporting the bottom of her choice.

To live as a veritable "chic lady", she does not rely on "cheats for men", but is calm and economically independent.

Chen Qiaoen once said, " I do n’t need a birthday gift, I bought my own house, and I feel very happy when I think of it. " Indeed, I will earn the bread myself. You only need to give me love. dislike. Why is it that a person lives forever and makes himself happy and happy?

Young and passionate, who doesn't want it?

In the hit drama "Deadly Woman" who killed her husband last year, there was a pair of sisters and brothers in their 20s who fell in love with CP.

Simone, a 50-year-old socialite, has experienced three marriages, and after her husband derailed and came out of the closet, under the guts of anger, he and 18-year-old Xiao Xian Brom.

Young Tommy, fearlessly, fearlessly, loves Simone boldly, passionately, and desperately. As long as he fell in love with a woman, he didn't care about his status and status, as long as he determined that he would be engraved in his memory, he was not afraid of pain.

Presumably it was this straight-forward expression of "I like" your youthfulness that got Simona into it.

She sighed "It's so young" and regained her long-lost passion.

Some people say that men are the most specific. No matter how old a man is, he always loves young and beautiful women around 20 years old. The same is true for women. Regardless of men and women, the older you are, the more you hope to get vitality from younger people, as if you can return to youth. Why can't an uncle find a little girl and an older sister can't find a younger brother? What's more, the sister who has harvested the sweet love of his brother, which one is not mature and intellectual, still young, and has a unique personality charm?

Age is not a hindrance, but the integration of the three perspectives is more important

In fact, there is nothing wrong with accepting or not. Not that women must prove that they are independent and strong enough by finding a young partner, but that age is no longer an obstacle to our search for love . Beyond age, we are more concerned about whether the three views are consistent. Consistency in the three perspectives does not mean that two people are exactly the same, but that we can tolerate and understand each other when we have different ideas.

You like steak, he likes food stalls. He won't think you are pretending, but save money and enjoy going to different western restaurants. You like playing games, he likes reading books. He will not feel that you are disappointed in playing things, but cheer you up when you play the game.

Respect each other, trust each other, support each other, and grow together. Only in this way can the road to love be smoother and the marriage life longer.

Anyone is independent and does not need to be dependent on others to live, I hope you can live your own wonderful!

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