China's rare "Antique Bureau Central Bureau": International students posing as "international consortium"!

Original title: China's rare "Antique Bureau Central Bureau": International students posing as "international consortium"!

Every reporter: Gao Miao Every editor: Bi Huazhang

各式鉴定证书 图片来源: 西咸新区沣西公安 Various appraisal certificates Source: Xixi Public Security, Xixian New District

The realistic version of the "Antique Bureau Central Bureau" has recently added a new plot.

A few months ago, many veterans of the Jianbao industry "sneak into" the cultural relics resort Xi'an. Different from traditional Jianbao trading methods, the services they provide to collectors are quite "high-end"-in addition to expert tasting, issuing appraisal certificates and organizing auctions, they can also contact "international consortiums" with acquisition needs, and provide private collections " Go out "matchmaking.

Once the "internationalization" line was thrown out, it became a highlight!

In the past four months or so, they have organized several "Jiangbao Meetings" and made promises to nearly 100 collectors from all over the country. After paying the "handling fee", as long as Negotiations with the staff of the International Consortium will ensure that the collection is sold at a high price.

But in fact, the so-called "international consortium" is just a foreign student who is employed. Fanxiang Finance (ID: nbdcxcj) has been asking the police for a long time to verify that this rare new type of antique scam in the country is full of mists and details, and has finally been revealed ...

Is there an "international consortium" in a small company?

The story also begins a few months ago.

In order to ensure the stability of law and order in the area under jurisdiction, Luxi Public Security will conduct regular patrol inspections from time to time. During the inspection of Tianxing Building, the police vaguely felt that this "Tianqi Pavilion" was a bit strange.

As an auction company, it is unable to provide relevant auction qualification certificates. In the face of police inquiries, the employees receiving the support were supportive, unable to answer even their own company's legal person. When asked to communicate with legal persons on the spot, they said that they could not contact ...

The police handling the case told Fanxiang Finance, "Although there were some doubts at the time, I felt that there was something tricky, but the evidence was insufficient, which means that since then, I have paid attention to this company."

As soon as the seeds of doubt are planted, they will continue to grow.

Since then, the suspects discovered in the "Tianqi Pavilion" during the inspection began, and the Luxi Public Security Criminal Investigation Team continued to gather evidence and did a lot of peripheral work. This includes contact with victims.

Just like Mr. Lu (a pseudonym) far from Jiangsu, he had previously accepted the invitation from the salesman to come to Luxi to participate in the so-called private identification trade fair.

After paying the "entry fee" of 1,800 yuan, the collection was valued by more than 800,000-100,000 experts, and led by company personnel to meet and exchange with the "International Consortium". In order to successfully sell an ancient coin in his home, he paid 20,000 yuan for the "appraisal certificate".

However, a few months have passed, and the acquisition of the consortium has not been affected. Even if he kept calling the company to ask, nothing worked. In addition, almost at the same time, some people who participated in the Jianbao activity also reported back to the police because of the delay in the transaction and questioned "Tianqi Pavilion" as a liar company.

After more than 20 days of hard work, a lot of information has been gathered and connected, which has continuously enriched the chain of evidence held by the police, and finally determined the fraudulent nature of "Tianqi Pavilion".

On November 13, the police in Yunxi carried out a capture operation, and seven suspects at the scene were arrested.

Scam "Veteran" layout

In fact, for the arrest after the qualitative investigation, Luxi police did not act immediately, but carried out a plan.

"I want to make sure that the main people involved in the case are in the company, saying that the popular point is 'one nest'." According to the original intention of the police handling the case, the action on November 13 took some surprises.

At the scene of the arrest, there are decent appraisal certificates and auction websites, a large-scale cultural relics exhibition hall, and the walls are full of authorizations from members of internationally renowned auction companies, and photos of foreign professionals and treasure holders ...

In such an environment, plus the meticulous service workflow, if you are not careful, apart from the illusion of tallness, the collectors who came to Jianbao would never have imagined that this would be a trap set by the scammer.

Fanxiang Finance learned that one of the suspects, Feng Moumou, had worked in a related industry in the field and had been exposed to a scam that used fraudulent auctions. Familiar with the operating procedures and hidden rules in the industry, and also accumulated certain social resources.

After returning to Shaanxi, I felt that the "old bank" was profitable. In the case of knowing that the law was illegal, he established a "company" with three people, including Li Moumou, Ru Mou and Li Mou.

Worried about the leak of identity information, a few people discussed and purchased the business license of "Xi'an Tianqige Art Auction Co., Ltd." online. Then, the division of labor clearly defined their duties and recruited gangs to carry out fraud through the Internet.

In August 2019, this auction company called "Tianqi Pavilion" appeared in Xixi New Town, Xixian New District, occupying two floors in Tianxing Building.

In the office area on the 15th floor of the building, there are a dozen young salespeople, almost all with a set of "speechbooks" , or calling or responding online, and earnestly invite collectors from all over the world to come to the company to participate in the appraisal fair.

The core area of the 20th floor, in addition to the collection display and high-level office, the company's most gimmicky "international consortium" is also negotiating and auctioning the collection here.

"Acting" of international students

国际财团”碰撞,会产生怎样的火花? What kind of spark will occur when Chinese antiques collide with the " international consortium"?

Obviously, this group of fraudulent "veterans" who return to their hometowns does have some innovative ideas tailored to local conditions.

According to the set routine, the victims were invited to the company through professional speech, named to participate in private appraisal fairs. After paying the 1800 yuan "entry fee", its business manager will bring the collector and meet with the "international consortium" who has the need for acquisition.

Seemingly high-end Jianbao, in fact, all rely on acting skills.

According to previous investigations by Luxi Police, the buyer consortium here is purely fictitious.

The gang hires international students at an average price of 800 to 1,000 yuan per day. The two sides communicate well in advance. They come to cooperate with the company to "perform" and do not communicate directly with people who have collections.

For example, 4 to 5 international students at the scene, one of them speaks Chinese well as an interpreter, and the others are common in their own language. Anyway, others do n’t understand ...

Does the company invite collectors to come here? 国际财团”便承担起了诱导藏家再“出血”的重任。 After the "admission fee" of 1800 yuan, the " international consortium" that international students acted in took on the heavy task of inducing Tibetans to "bleed" again.

Chinese students who are good at Chinese are transformed into childcare in magic shows.

At the end of the "performance", he addressed the business manager whether the collector had a treasure appraisal certificate. If not, the "consortium" would either ignore the risk or start at a low price because of risk aversion.

Feeling the urgency of the collector's action, the company will strike the iron while it is hot, and recommend to it the Jianbao expert hired by the company. Whether the expert is true or not, the expert will issue an identification certificate in ambiguous language for various collections.

The appraisal costs, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, are thrown out, but the auction of the collection is distant. In the final analysis, the gang just misled and deceived the collectors into believing it and paying for it.

国际财团”,办案民警也表示,曾将他们一一找到了解情况。 As for the " international consortium", the police handling the case also said that they had found them one by one to understand the situation.

Most of them are international students who come to China. They claim that they do not understand Chinese law. They think that the so-called "performance" of scam gangs is just ordinary part-time jobs.

Paying "tuition fees" for new types of fraud

In the office of Xixian Public Security Xixi Branch, the police handling the case also presented a summary of the police to Fanxiang Finance.

In addition to the simple backtracking of the case, the latest data shows that from August to November, the suspects have held six "Jiangbao" activities in the local area, with fraud cases valued at more than 500,000 and victims of 80-100 people. All over the country.

As of now, the police have arrested a total of nine suspects. Seven of them have been approved and arrested by the Procuratorate of Qindu District of Xianyang City. The other two are not in custody due to physical reasons and can only apply for bail pending trial.

”民警表示,“此案之所以典型,在于新型诈骗的模式。” "The case is still under investigation, and the data has yet to be dug and updated. " The police said, "The case is typical because of a new type of fraud."

Although it belongs to the category of fraud, it is different from the well-known methods of fraud such as telecommunications fraud and routine loans. The antique collection itself is a gray area, and the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect. Many ordinary people are even ignorant about this field.

After layers of packaging by veterans of scams, if you don't pay attention, you will feel that you are in a normal business process.

This point was also reflected in the police's contact with the victims. Many people did not realize that they had been deceived when they received a call from the police. It wasn't until they heard that the gang had been "slumped" before waking up from the scammer's bureau.

Coincidentally, one month later, the Weiyang Branch of the Xi'an Public Security Bureau also cracked down on an “auction auction” fraud. Acting in the "double spring", engaging in "streaming" and earning "service fees", the only difference is that there is no "international consortium" to help.

Although the collection of appraisals and auctions in the market are mixed, accidents can lead to scams, but fraud under the name of "appraisal" is not seamless.

Except for doubts about business licenses and auction qualifications, informal auction houses are mostly used to setting bait.

Whether it is abandoning the authenticity of the collection and directly selling a high-priced acquisition; or collecting a "handling fee" by applying for an authentication certificate and publicity and promotion, all use the collector's "pick-up" psychology, trapping people who want to sell quickly Appeal to ...

Only by not being greedy, not in a hurry, and being vigilant can we avoid the scam of paying tuition. After all, there is no pie in the sky, and there are a lot of traps on the ground.

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