Volcano eruption in the Philippines


Chinese men's volleyball team missed Tokyo Olympics


Zhang Changning visiting class Wu Guanxi


Chinese maritime police ship to visit Philippines for first time


Xiao Zhan Wang Yibo


Special effects under the Jinyi


Zeng Xiaoxian is not cheap


Love Apartment 5


  • Tsai Ing-wen Wins "Anti-China Card" Scholars: Taiwan's Economic Unfortunate Begins
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences Communication Bureau: Improper publication of "Glacier Frozen" journal will set up an investigation team
  • Spring Festival Coach “Black Service Area” Jake Passengers Exposure
  • Former Vice Governor of Guizhou Province Wang Xiaoguang: Loosen Horses Go to the Sewer to Introduce Maotai Wine
  • Playground burial trial details: Du Shaoping begged to keep his life in one's hands and beg for mercy
  • Ukrainian official: missile hits cockpit directly after death
  • U.S. defense chief tears down Trump: no evidence of embassy attack before ordering Sulaymani to be killed
  • Chen Shuibian announced his withdrawal from politics: netizens are your best choice
  • Chinese mahjong pops up in Spain, people feel particularly fresh about "10,000"
  • Japan wants to make a comeback in this area where China and the US lead
  • 1.81 billion! UK's highest property transaction record set by Chinese
  • Talk paper "mentor sublime Mistress beautiful sense of" Author: It is not flattering
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences responds to core journals on "Fart" papers
  • Researcher's paper was retracted 7 years later, where did "inside people" go
  • Wuyishan National Park Administration: Nongfushan Spring Water Collection Point is not in the park area
  • Zhang Zhichao's re-examination today sentenced co-convicted conspirators: forced torture by torture
  • Jeremy Lin has 41 points and Hu Mingxuan makes a layup and the Southern Team beats the Northern Team by 1 point
  • Suspected in hostage-taking and kidnapping in Hohhot
  • Wuhan pneumonia update: 717 people undergo medical observation
  • Corner House Restaurant in the Forbidden City launches 6688 New Year's Eve dinner reservation
  • Condom rupture causes pregnancy rights to be informed: must prove correct use
  • No miracle! Men's volleyball team missed Tokyo Olympic men's basketball team
  • Post-80s posing as deputy governor's son, bigamy, having children
  • Campus bullying survey: boys are main force
  • Will the Chinese name that wo n’t win another 90 minutes really depend on the “Brazilian” in the future?
  • Man carries out cardiopulmonary resuscitation to rescue old man and crushes 12 ribs
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    Nongfu Spring takes water from deforestation in Wuyi Mountain? Park Authority response

    1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: On the 12th, U.S., British, and Japanese officials congratulated Taiwan on the election, stating that the Taiwan election is a local matter of China. 1. Hebei auxiliary police was knocked down by an unlicensed vehicle while on duty Duanyuan County Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province released the news on the 12th. On the same day, an auxiliary policeman of the traffic police brigade of the county public security bureau was on duty ...

  • 1987 Chinese fire: 12 generals take command, 58,000 people plan 891 kilometers of isolation zone
  • The authors of the papers “Teacher's Sense of Sublime” and “Sense of Graceful Master” claim to have “deeper meanings”.
  • A grand ceremony, why did YY persist for 8 years?
  • "Five Golden Flowers" in the snack industry will gather in A shares! Liangpinpu is about to go on the market, Xu Xin, Zhang Lei or a big winner ...
  • Twitter Lan Weilun: Chinese brands must not only sink in order to become big, but also go overseas
  • The only female mayor of a deputy provincial city has taken the new job and was the only female municipal party secretary in the province
  • The first bomb in 2020, Suzhou zoom in! A starting point to reshape house prices?
  • Check out these 27 tips for treating "Chinese New Year Social Phobia"!
  • Ni Ni feels the light inside

    Tianjin women's volleyball team swept the Shanghai women's volleyball team 3-0 again to achieve two consecutive victories in the finals

    Trump reckless in the Middle East, domestic still sits firmly on the Diaoyutai

    Chinese men's volleyball team loses 0 to 3

    Japanese prosecutors petition international warrant for Ghosn's wife

    Beijing women's volleyball team killed Evergrande women's volleyball team at home and away.

    Probation prisoner sees righteousness to get six months commutation to rescue two fallen girls, the first case in Zhejiang Province

    Network supervision area welcomes supervision to report truthfully Learn to be strong Network Police Small Class Great change Core socialist values Online harmful information reporting area

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      Female professor fired by Nanyou: accused of being overbearing boss, graduate student died in laboratory

      Female professor fired by Nanyou: accused of being overbearing boss, graduate student died in laboratory

      Is Cai Yingwen re-elected, one step closer to "Wu Tong"?

      Depth-Does the national name that won't win another 90 minutes really depend on the "Brazilian" in the future?

      Ukraine explains why the pilot did not say a word when the passenger plane was hit by a missile in Iran

      If the Third World War breaks out, can China avoid war? Russian Expert: Unless a condition is met

      Navy 055 10,000-ton destroyer Nanchang is officially listed in Qingdao, Shandong

      Playground burial trial details: Defendant Du Shaoping begged for his life, often folded his hands together for mercy

      "Legislative Council" elections: more than half of the 61 seats in the DPP and 38 seats in the KMT

      Peking University President Wu Shuqing dies

      Huawei's most successful spokesperson: No charge for Huawei's fame overseas, Ren Zhengfei: Thanks for the publicity

    Stock market hot search

    Stock market hot search

    Grasp the hotspots and gain insight into market trends

    140,000 shareholders are sleepless! 47.3 Billion Chemical Giants Explode Black Swans, Net Profit Pre-Decrease 129 Million

    Heavy news on the weekend, "See you on Monday"! What sectors will investors be “shocked” by?

    See you on A shares on Monday | Shanghai Index hit 3100 defeat, can it succeed next week?

    Film and Television Study Agency

    Film and Television Study Agency

    Watch the drama artifact, the most all-star gossip

    "Out of Control": Undercover and liar, who do you hate more?

    Rural daughter-in-law made snacks with apples.

    interesting! Uncle Russian Sheep in Hulunbuir ~

    Happy moment

    Happy moment

    Happy day

    Funny GIF: Who disagrees, come out, is it you?

    Funny GIF pictures: want to scary results but turned into cute

    Happy moment joke: In high school, I liked a guy in the class next door, and Xiaotu wrote a love letter.

    Zodiac fortune

    Zodiac fortune

    Fortune for those born this year!

    January 12, 2020 Zodiac Horoscope Rankings

    On January 13.14.15, 2020, the fortune, the lucky people have their own heavens, and the fortune is a blockbuster.

    Morris Tarot | One Week Star Express (01.13-01.19)

    physical education


    Depth-Does the national name that won't win another 90 minutes really depend on the "Brazilian" in the future?

    However, in the game against Uzbekistan, the Olympic players are clearly in a disadvantage in terms of physical confrontation. Even Chen Binbin, who claims to have a thigh width comparable to Hulk, cannot squeeze space when carrying the body one-on-one on the sidewalk. Not to mention the more ordinary midfielders like Huang Cong and Huang Zhengyu. Whether they are inferior ...

  • Exposure R & F engages with Evergrande, hopes to introduce Gao Lin players not willing to leave Guangzhou
  • Cut 19 points in 21 minutes! The Lakers edge player does not humiliate the mission, the reason for the destruction of Warcraft Road, no need to trade
  • 2-1 Hao won 2 consecutive victories! Cristiano Ronaldo hits 70,000 to conquer, Juventus scores 46 points to surpass Inter Milan
  • entertainment


    Insider exposed Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin still kept in touch: the man helped find a lawyer to fill the company vacancy

    Sohu Entertainment News Not long ago, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were exposed and broke up. Some insiders revealed that they are suspected of economic disputes and may resort to law. It also caused netizens' heated discussion and attention. Recently, some media photographed Zheng Shuang appearing in Shanghai Jing'an District People's Court, suspected to be exchanging evidence with Zhang Heng. ...

  • On the first anniversary of the divorce, Bezos is so proud of his breeze that he frequently brings his 50-year-old girlfriend to his birthday party
  • Sun Lisun's new photo: Huang Lei's hair is all white, Sun Li hides behind her and her nose turns red
  • Tian Puzhen responded to the rumor that he broke up with Wang Shi: full of support
  • military


    U.S. forces have been attacked again, with more casualties than Iranian missile bombardment, and the whereabouts of 12,000 U.S. forces have become a mystery?

    According to US Defense News reported on January 11, a joint convoy of U.S. forces and NATO allies was attacked by Taliban-armed roadside bombs near Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan that day. According to statistics, two U.S. soldiers were killed and two were seriously injured. A large number of Romanian soldiers were also injured in the explosion. Taliban ...

  • How big is the 055 destroyer? Just put it together with 052D
  • At a critical moment, India suddenly fell into the ground and "granulated"! Iran: This is the gap between India and China!
  • The presidential election schedule is ahead of schedule? Russia staged a drama "Forcing the Palace", Russian Communist Party: Putin should give way
  • Mito

    Zhang Qingzi forced Zhang Han in front of the camera to show embarrassment, but fortunately the man has a high emotional quotient

    Never spray baby again as a female, she is too brave, Wu Yifan is frightened

    Li Yifeng and Lin Junjie are on the list to save a face male star by hair style.

    Yang Mi Yang Ying Liu Yifei appeared at the same stage! Netizen: Still young and good-looking

    Love Apartment 5: Lu Ziqiao's toilet opera is like a horror movie. Can he and Chen Meijia be happy?

    68-year-old Zhang Jizhong sang and danced, and her belly trembled! And accidentally exposed his mansion

    Yongmei is born with a temperament. She weighs about 110 and is very charming. She wears a skirt that is gentle and elegant!

    54-year-old Carina Lau wears a see-through skirt. The old one has no charm, only a bloated figure!

    Liu Yifei's face value has fallen sharply? Zhao Liying looked wide and strong, with a thick shoulder and tight skirt!

    45-year-old Lin Zhiling appeared in a gown, her face was very shiny, she was so good that she had fat on her armpits?

    Do n’t wear camel anymore, chocolate color is more healing, 2020 “rat” you are the most beautiful

    If your breasts are too big, it will become a problem? Do n’t waste your advantages, master the dressing skills charming and comfortable

    TWN6B Six-day Highlight Tour of Taiwan

    You must be careful when traveling, find out that the owner of the bed and breakfast has "obedient water" in private, which has harmed countless girls.

    The fastest growing country in the world, never knows contraception, with an average of 5 children per household

    When traveling in Vietnam, you must beware of local beauties, otherwise you will miss the beauties by accident

    In recent years, foreigners have left China arbitrarily. The reasons behind it are exciting and praise the country.

    More and more African beauties choose to be "Chinese daughters-in-law" and frankly say: they are happy in China

    This dish is the hottest to moisturize the lungs. Using it to make dumplings is 100 times more fragrant than meat filling.

    8 home-style banquet dishes suitable for New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve dinner in Hubei rural areas and those New Year's customs may not know much, or it is the fellow

    These 8 dishes are easy to get started, and they also have special meals.

    This individual throw! Use it to make pies, the taste is great, often eat to aphrodisiac tonic, relieve fatigue

    Don't make yourself hungry!



    The comprehensive promotion of ethanol gasoline raises questions. Owners: Poor power, not resistant to burning. Why should I change?

    As we all know, the fuel of a gasoline vehicle is gasoline, and carbon dioxide and particulate matter are emitted, which will cause serious pollution to the air. Editor's comment: Regardless of whether you accept or not, ethanol gasoline will also be fully promoted. This decision is also made by the relevant departments after repeated reflections ...

  • Foreign gas stations are getting worse. The price of oil is only more than 5 yuan. Owners: top up, top up
  • The top 15 sedan sales in December, Xuanyi Chaolangyi ranked first, Audi A6L sold more than Accord
  • Is this true or false? Geely or the acquisition of Aston Martin
  • Technology


    Waiting for a price reduction of 300 yuan, Huawei's flagship model fell to 3699 yuan last year

    For example, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro mentioned today has a price starting from 3,999 yuan, but now it has been adjusted. It has been reduced by 300 to 3,699 yuan. The configuration in all aspects is still very interesting. Because in evaluation Jun ’s opinion, most of the people who like this phone bought it on the market, and these people ...

  • 100 million pixels are out of date! Xiaomi Mi 10 exposure: 256 million pixels scary camera hit Huawei
  • Squeeze "old rivals", American giant becomes TSMC's largest customer for 7nm chips
  • People go tea cool! Meizu curved non-porous concept phone dropped from 20,000 to 2,000: still no one cares!
  • Real estate


    Suzhou and Shandong, "grabbing people" to enlarge the move, the geometric impact of the property market?

    Of course, Suzhou is also very sincere, and has given talents a big gift package for 2020: the threshold for settlement is greatly reduced, and undergraduates and above can be settled directly, etc., and the implementation scope includes Kunshan. According to the notice, as for the three types of talents, as long as they have the willingness to come to Soviet employment and meet the following conditions ...

  • January 12 | Shenzhen event
  • RMB 100 per square meter! Sichuan Dazhou issued twelve policies to stabilize prices and house prices
  • [Official data] The average house price of Lu'an in 2019 is ...
  • health


    Whether you are male or female, 50 years is the life-span determining period, long life or short life, depending on whether you can stick to five things

    When Ms. Yang, 50, went to the hospital for a physical examination, she found high blood lipids, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The doctor said that these diseases will soon lead to more serious complications without changing unhealthy lifestyles, which will affect her health , And may even shorten lifespan, causing inestimable effects. medical…

  • There are cancers in the body. There are three signs in the abdomen. 50 years is the life-span determining period.
  • Men should eat these 3 foods often to prevent cancer and coronary heart disease!
  • The flu is coming, so isn't it time to prepare your "defense cheats"?
  • fashion


    Zhang Lei is 40 years old, and she is wearing a tulle skirt. She is slightly fat but has a temperament better than Li Sisi!

    So it seems that Zhang Lei is not old at all, but is still very young. Her good temperament looks even more energetic when she wears a cheongsam, and it is really very charming. Wearing a black coat on Li Sisi's body really looks very aura. She is also very charming and ...

  • 20-year-old lady in Taiwan looks very good-looking
  • She is the most jealous of Deng Lun fans. She wears the highest jumpsuit in history and has a beautiful figure.
  • Lin Qingxia's four daughters have big differences in value, the youngest daughter looks with her mother, and the eldest daughter looks very different
  • culture


    The West keeps three technologies, one of which has been cracked by China, and has made its way out of many obstacles.

    After the founding of New China, China has officially embarked on the road of rise. Due to the technical blockade of China by Western countries, China can only rely on its own efforts to catch up. When it comes to lithography machines, many people don't know what it is used for. In fact, lithography machines are important equipment for chip molding. Without lithography machine technology, chips ...

  • Blue and Green Democratic Reshuffle DPP also receives warning
  • When those adults collapsed in 2019, they cried when they looked at them.
  • Ma Huateng built a "space capsule" to take this Chinese chase after 00
  • education


    In Hengshui Middle School, all the assignments have been written and counted as teaching accidents

    Recently, the Education Bureau of Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, issued a regulation on homework management in elementary and high schools, which requires respect for differences between individual students. If the homework is not finished at 10 o'clock in the evening, the remaining homework can be removed without the parent's certification do. The reason is that this rule only thinks about the students during the homework ...

  • High school total score of 750, how many points can be considered excellent? 985 school sister told you!
  • How hard do science students have to get the college entrance examination to get 211, 985? Candidates are recommended to collect
  • Boys live in female dormitories, and girls can use "original" quilts. School property practices are not good
  • tourism


    Chongqing, a poor county, has won the prize, and 1.6 billion airports will come here, and it will be transformed in the future.

    Chongqing's economic performance is very dazzling, but the gap between the rich and the poor in the districts and counties under its jurisdiction is very large, especially in the Yudong area, where there are many poor areas and poor counties, which contrasts sharply with the economically developed main urban area of Chongqing Wushan County, which I will introduce today, is a good example. Let ’s follow along with them to understand ...

  • Can India ’s largest city be compared with China ’s largest city?
  • The most terrifying traditional customs on the earth, Chinese foot-binding makes people deplore, the most terrible is the Japanese monk
  • African cities with the largest gap between rich and poor, slums lack water and electricity, and rich people live in luxury apartment opposite
  • Expo

    14 to 0! The fierce confrontation on the Security Council finally passed the draft, but China, Russia, Britain and the United States abstained.

    The troops have entered a state of readiness, and another country has begun work in the South China Sea. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: will never get used to it

    If the Third World War breaks out, can China avoid war? Russian Expert: Unless a condition is met

    Iran still takes a dangerous step, announces important decision, White House says or takes action to stop

    U.S. forces have been attacked again, with more casualties than Iranian missile bombardment, and the whereabouts of 12,000 U.S. forces have become a mystery?

    It ’s better not to be Chinese, but also to help the United States develop missiles against China.

    Cut 19 points in 21 minutes! The Lakers edge player does not humiliate the mission, the reason for the destruction of Warcraft Road, no need to trade

    2-1 Hao won 2 consecutive victories! Cristiano Ronaldo hits 70,000 to conquer, Juventus scores 46 points to surpass Inter Milan

    Rush Rush! 35-year-old C Luo Shang can storm the entire audience! Why did the 22-year-old National Olympic Junior begin to keep fit?

    St. Couva! He made several saves in a single game and repeatedly rescued him.

    Sanda champion wins 700,000 martial arts prize or buys a house to celebrate, death is convenient: the referee's sentence is fair

    U23 Asian Cup first outlay team released! National Olympic 2 wins, 0 wins, 0 points and 0 goals, 4 consecutive stop group matches

    Say good electric super car suddenly abandoned, Aston Martin has a secret that can not be explained?

    The top 15 sedan sales in December, Xuanyi Chaolangyi ranked first, Audi A6L sold more than Accord

    Ace of Honda is coming! Larger than the Crown Road, powered by the same Civic Type-R engine

    Luxury car sales chart released in December, Audi A6L ranked first, BMW 3 Series super Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    Well, the scar has forgotten the pain, the Tesla concept has been exploded again after 5 years

    Three generations! Why did these three post-90s choose the Honda Accord?

    Su Yu does not fight every five? Why always give the national army the elite fifth army face, our army is in the next big game

    How did Zhu Yuanzhang treat millions of Mongolian women after the demise of the Yuan Dynasty?

    Zhu Yuanzhang rewarded the minister with two court maids. After learning, the minister waved his sword from the palace and volunteered as an eunuch.

    The Jin Dynasty could quickly wipe out the Northern Song Dynasty, why couldn't it resist the Mongolian iron ride?

    How many soldiers can the Japanese "Dasuke" bring, and why do the Japanese generals fight for Dasao?

    Yuan Shikai asked Zhang Zuolin: Do you want a site or an army? Zhang responded in 18 words and escaped

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